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Liberal obsession Led EU to "Indigestion"

19.01.2016 17:26

EU's unreasonable migration policy led it to serious deepening crisis. This, in particular, can be seen by the recent events in Germany, which is literally flooded with refugees from Middle East, which was largely triggered by the compassionate hospitality of Mrs. Merkel. The situation has reached such a pitch that a few days ago, Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, leader of Germany's ruling party in the coalition, "Christian Social Union", demanded the Chancellor to bring order to the border. If this is not done, Seehofer promised to file a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court in two weeks time. "In the next 14 days, we will ask in writing that the federal government restores legal standards on the border," - quoted the German politician.

According to local media, in the beginning of January another 3,000 refugees came to Germany, which took more than 1 million migrants last year. Many German politicians increasingly demonstrate their discontent with a sharp increase in the number of migrants. Thus, on Thursday the head of administration of the Bavarian district of Landshut Peter Dreyer sent a bus with another group of refugees who had arrived in his district, to Berlin, to the door of the residence of the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel because of disagreement with the migration policy of the head of government. Dreyer said that he could take no more than 1.8 thousand refugees in his district and strongly disagrees with trying to excess this, already high enough, in his view, number. However, as reported by the newspaper Berliner Zeitung, refugees are sent to Merkel on Friday morning returned to Bavaria. But it is possible that Dreyer would stand his ground and then a bus with refugees will again be sent to the residence of Merkel.

The topic of refugees in Germany became particularly relevant against the backdrop of recent events in Cologne, where, after a New Year's Eve, about 170 women have written statements of migrants' attacks, with 117 people reported that they were raped. Police released a detailed report on the incident, which caused another explosion of popular discontent German migration policy of the government.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov called what is happening in Germany a "the verdict to the open door policy". According to Pushkov, Angela Merkel in "her liberal obsession" can ruin the Schengen agreement and German coalition. Pushkov also drew attention to the statement by Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, given during an interview with the newspaper Oesterreich, that says that due to the influx of refugees Austria will temporarily suspend the Schengen agreement. According to Faymann, the Austrian authorities will introduce enhanced border passport control and will expel all refugees who are not entitled to asylum or don't have the necessary permission to stay in the country. The head of the Austrian Government emphasized that, if the EU fails to protect its borders, the future of the Schengen agreement is questionable.

Needless to say, EU is going through turbulent times, and faces dire problems caused by the very "open-door policy", and the notorious "liberal obsession", previuosly mentioned by Alexei Pushkov. Many people in Europe are beginning to realize that the ongoing and ever-increasing flow of migrants from the Middle East, Afghanistan and North Africa, which can already be counted by millions, can drastically change the face of the Old World, already struggling at the brink of a major humanitarian disaster. And not only humanitarian, given the much increased risk of terrorist acts by those "refugees" that come to Europe for that purpose only. And it's pretty difficult for the border services to distinguish a terrorist from an ordinary migrant.

In short, Angela Merkel's and other European leaders' "liberal obsession" who are overacting with tolerance, caused problems for the authors of the "open-door policy" that they were clearly not ready for. And the population of Germany, France and Eastern European countries, feeling that, are starting to increasingly complain about the short-sighted policies of their governments, which led to a dangerous migration crisis.

Seven decades ago, , during the Yalta conference of the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition, British Prime Minister Churchill, in response to Stalin's proposal to transfer a part of East Germany to Poland, said, using a very unusual comparison: "Hardly it would be advisable if the Polish goose was so much stuffed with German viands that it would die of indigestion." Returning to today's migration crisis, we can, using the terminology of Churchill say that "European goose" was clearly unable to digest the enormous amount of oriental "delicacies" that Angela Merkel and her colleagues in the EU are trying to dump it with, and may in the end die of "indigestion."