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Djukanovic Wont Stay In Power For Long

22.01.2016 17:10

On January 25, the Montenegrin Parliament will hold a vote of confidence to the government, the results of which will have a major influence on the decision of one of the country's main concerns - NATO membership. In order for the current government to remain in power it needs 41 votes. The government coalition is presented in parliament with 44 MPs, 5 of whom are members of the Social Democratic Party, who reported that they don't intend to vote for the government's credibility.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, head of the Center for the Study of Contemporary Balkan Crisis at the Institute of Slavic Studies Helen Guskova noted that in the Montenegrin parliament a coalition is being formed that plans to vote against the policies of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. "The coalition will support a vote of confidence in the government. In addition, the opposition party Democratic Front representatives said that a mass protest rally will be held on January 25 in front of the parliament building. It last as long as the meeting goes. And it is also an important measure of popular discontent," - said the expert.

In addition, Guskova noted that the Montenegrin parliamentarians are actively using the media, calling on the public to keep in mind that the regime of Milo Djukanovic is leading the country towards political and economic collapse. "It's a country of rampant corruption, operated by a regime of personal power and dictatorship, not democracy. Montenegro's retraction into NATO, which bombed the Balkan country in 1999, triggered a strong wave of popular indignation," - says Guskova.

However, Djukanovic considers the invitation to join the alliance as an opportunity to get into the "coterie", believing that NATO is the main center for European values, says Guskova. "Montenegrin PM completely follows in the wake of the West. This is the entry into the EU, and the joining of NATO. It is his personal interest - the preservation his power and policies. As soon as he leaves power, he will be immediately arrested for "the sins of the 90-s" - i.e. illegal drug trafficking" - said the expert.

By drawing Montenegro into its ranks NATO aims to establish complete control over the Adriatic coast of the Balkans and to destroy the centuries-old Russian-Montenegrin relations. "And this is yet another reason for public protests," - said Guskova, noting that civil activity in the country has never been so strong and the forthcoming parliamentary vote will put everything in place. "I think that Djukanovic won't stay in power for long", - the expert said.