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"Criminal" Ambassador Will Disrupt Relations Between Montenegro and Slovenia

24.01.2016 22:03

Montenegrin PM Milo Djukanovic came into power in 1989 as an associate of the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic. Since coming into power in 1991 Djukanovic swaps posts between PM and President of Montenegro with his faithful party fellow Filip Vujanovic.

Djukanovic's power is based on his clan controlling the shadow economy. The Montenegrin PM stays in the list of the most notorious corrupts. Today Montenegro has a flourishing business of infringing tailoring and cashing-in of illegal money. Italian special services claim Djukanovic of creating a "tobacco-mafia" in Europe.

One of Djukanovic's most odious fellows is the former mayor of Podgorica Miomir Mugosa who today is the Montenegrin ambassador to Slovenia. Currently, he is being watched by the special committee of Montenegrin prosecutor's office because of suspicious deals with "Celebic" and "Сarina" companies.

According to the special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic, the government in Podgorica, headed by Miomir Mugosa illegally exempted company "Celebic" from paying 1.66 million euro in taxes. As a result of illegal sale of capital's lands to "Carina" the city's budget sustained damage in the 2.5 mln euros.

Soon Mugosa can be accused of abuse of power during his times in office as capital mayor, when Podgorica lost more than 10 mln euros. Investigative actions on Mugosa's case are finished and the materials were passed to the Montenegrin prosecutor's office in waiting to bring official charges against him.

Slovenian political circles are also discussing the Montenegrin investigation of the appointed Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic. Even before Mugosha's appointment to this post the local media published a number of articles exposing the connection of ex-mayor of Podgorica with criminal structures, as well as his involvement in the attacks on journalists. This information and its publication caused a public outcry, but it did not confuse the leadership of Slovenia, which immediately accepted Mugosha as an ambassador. Presumably, Slovenia again demonstrated its commitment to the principles of the strategic partnership between the two countries to implement plans for Euro-Atlantic integration of the whole Balkan region.

The tendency to ignore the lawlessness of the ruling regime in exchange for loyalty is typical for the West. Their main purpose is EU and NATO integration. Such political decisions result in civil protests against Montenegro's accession to NATO. However, Montenegrin government unquestioningly took this up and are systematically implementing this policy. As practice shows, protected by the West corrupt authorities ignore Montenegrin vox populi.