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Montenegro getting target for "Islamic state"?

23.03.2016 15:40

The latest terrorist acts in Brussels are likely to result in reassessing concepts and plans of European security. But the inertness of a "cold war" thinking is still urging the leaders of Europe to deter Russia through NATO expansion as well.

One more country-candidate member is Montenegro, which has already received the official invitation. The prime minister Milo Djukanivic says about concrete terms – the mid 2017. While the overwhelming majority of the local population (70 %) is against this step. The "Russian peacekeeper" asked Alexander Mitic, the president of the Serbian Center for strategic alternatives, to comment the situation.

The expert supposes that Djukanovic has a "firm hold on the NATO integration process for now". Alexander Mitic stresses, that the entire process has been taken away from the citizens in a coordinated maneuver between Djukanovic and his NATO sponsors. The key decision was not to allow the holding of a referendum. Besides, Mitic insists that the anti-NATO opposition parties and the public opinion in Montenegro must continue "delegitimizing this anti-democratic decision made by the Djukanovic regime".

Certainly, NATO expansion would not maintain European security and protect EU values. As the terrorist threat is global and not traditional. With the appearance of the new member-state there will be a new target for the "Islamic state".

So, now it all depends on the people of Montenegro, despite the fact that NATO and Djukanovic have already decided everything…