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Serbian Non-Aligned Status Still Questionable

24.03.2016 19:06

Today, on the anniversary of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia Serbian political commentator Irina Stoyichevich told "Russian peacekeepers" about Serbia's non-aligned status.

"Regarding the non-aligned status of Serbia, it is a quite controversial issue. Serbia has ratified a cooperation agreement with NATO. So the alliance has gained diplomatic immunity on the territory of the country. And, thus received the right to use civilian and military infrastructure, and also gained freedom of movement within the state. Other armies of the world have no such rights. And, thus, Serbia does not have a non-aligned status. Moreover, in Europe, with the exception of Switzerland, there is not a single country, that doesn't cooperate with NATO. And it turns out that countries such as Serbia can not afford to stay neutral" - says Stoyichevich.

According to the political commentator, a similar situation exists in Montenegro. Podgorica decided to join NATO, although it is unnatural development of this country. Montenegro, as well as Serbia, was hit by NATO bombing. Public infrastructure has been destroyed, there were casualties. Most of the population does not understand why the Montenegrin authorities decided to join NATO. Moreover, the value of the Montenegrin army for NATO is questionable. The Alliance is only interested in the country's sea ports on the Adriatic Sea and in constructing military bases in the region.

"Unfortunately, in this situation, Serbia will be surrounded by NATO forces. Leaders of the alliance exert strong pressure on the Serbian government and insists on closer cooperation. However, the Serbian people do not want the country to access the military coalition and never will", sums up Irina Stoyichevich.