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Monument to Yuri Gagarin to be established in Montenegro

26.03.2016 22:35

A monument to the Russian (Soviet) cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is to be opened in Montenegro on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the first manned space flight. The  organizer of this event is Slovenian Just Rugel. The monument to Yuri Gagarin will be established at the site, which Rugel bought at his own expense. The author of the monument is Russian sculptor Vadim Kirillov.

Just Rugel is the owner of the firm, involved in medical equipment deliveries to Russia. Rugel is also a publisher and an interpreter. He published more than 50 books of Russian writers, made a dozen lectures on the history, culture and politics of Russia.

Montenegrins supported the idea of the establishing of the monument, as they actively promotes the preservation of spiritual, historical, cultural and other ties with Russia. And despite the fact that the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic tries to "drag" the country into NATO most Montenegrins believe that the integration into the alliance is unnatural for Montenegro. In response to the anti-Russian plans of Djukanovic for integration into NATO Montenegrins have been holding anti-government rallies for months, demanding a referendum on country's joining NATO.