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The murder of lawyer Grabovsky in Ukraine: bones for mad dogs

28.03.2016 15:10

Poor, poor Ukraine is being torn apart. Since 2014 the country is under control of external forces, which led to the economic collapse. The local oligarchic groups are desperately struggling for power, realizing that the West is tired of its geopolitical project in Ukraine. They say that the hotbed of instability is created, the separation of once united nation is irreversible and Moscow's plans for integration are disrupted.

The price of these games of foreign actors was too high for Ukrainian citizens. There is much to be said about the current economic decline of Ukraine. However, the main "achievement" of local authorities yearning for the Euro-Atlantic integration is the fact that the inhabitants of the country were deprived of their most fundamental right – the right to life.

It has been recently reported about the murder of lawyer Yuri Grabovsky. Since May 2015 he represented the interests of detained Russian citizen Alexander Aleksandrov, who was captured by Ukraine’s forces in the Lugansk region, in eastern Ukraine. In addition to the version of the common cause of conflict Kiev human rights defenders are discussing the possibility of involvement in the murder of Ukrainian nationalists, who openly accused Grabovsky of betraying the motherland. According to experts, this is confirmed by the unprofessional pattern in crime (an ankle bracelet rigged with explosives, the removal of Grabovsky to the forest, etc.) and also by the numerous threats that the lawyer had received from far-right extremists.

Unpunished antics of neo-Nazis became commonplace in today's Ukraine. This is just a display of the ideology of ethnic intolerance, which restricts the development of the country, forcing the working-age population to leave Ukraine. Condoning far-right extremists, the Ukrainian authorities bury their project of "Euro-Atlantic integration"; which is already dead. Europe is unlikely to take on responsibilities for millions angry, poor, brainwashed men and women, who will bring to European home entrenched nationalism in the style of Adolf Hitler, in addition to increase in crime, arms smuggling and "famous" prostitution.

The murder of Grabovsky is a bell. And it tolls throughout Europe. The brutal murder of the lawyer shows that anti-Semitism flourishes again in Europe. Yuri Grabovsky was a Jew and, according to a version, it was the cause of his death.

No one should be surprised that the international community didn't noticed the Jew-hatred in Ukraine. And the country became a police state under external control, where many cases of oppression of Jews remain unspoken after the mass psychosis on Maidan Nezaleznosti in Kiev in 2014. For example, the Kiev authorities didn't reported about the recent terrible act of vandalism in the Babi Yar Ravine. According to the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky, unidentified persons burnt a wreath laid at the monument "Menorah" on March 7 by the Minister of Justice of Israel Ayelet Shaked. "It happened despite there were cameras and supposedly reinforced control of police," – stressed Dolinsky. Last September the memorial "Menorah" was attacked with old car tires, poured gasoline and set on fire. Fortunately, the fire was put out before it destroyed the monument.

The absence of a firm response of the international community, in particular, the West is outrageous. What about the human rights, tolerance and other democratic spells by which independent states were destroyed and a new world order was built?

However, Amnesty International noted that the murder of Ukrainian lawyer Yuri Grabovsky was a "heinous" crime and "scary" reminder of the dangers faced by the lawyers and activists who challenge the authorities. According to Anna Neistat, Senior Director for Research at Amnesty International, "the Ukrainian authorities must immediately take all steps necessary to begin to rectify this ultimate abuse of human rights and justice."

The current Kiev authorities aren't likely to react to someone's indignation. Speculation on "the Kremlin's hand" don't count. The Ukrainian government just can't stop these mad dogs, nationalists and bandits, released by Washington as part of its Ukrainian project toward its geopolitical opponent – Moscow. Most Ukrainian citizens are fooled by manipulative modern technologies and are no longer able to influence the authorities. This will last only as long as the dope. And when its power goes out, people will wipe out the current rulers. Then prosperous Europe would have to create new filtration camps so as to stop the influx of refugees, and now it would come from the country of Eastern Europe with 40 million population.