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Beware the Russian Imperial Propaganda

22.04.2016 15:26

Recently two interesting British authors have posted a most amusing article called "Russia's information warfare - airbrushing reality".

Ben Nimmo and Dr. Jonathan Eyal, are both quite "disconnected" from the UK government, and thus, decided not to hide their identities when publishing this Cold War era propaganda article.

Ben Nimmo - a senior fellow at the Institute for Statecraft in London specialising in Russian information warfare and influence. He formerly worked as a press officer at NATO and a journalist in Brussels and the Baltic States.

Dr. Jonathan Eyal - Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships, and International Director of the Royal United Services Institute. He also serves as a Senior Research Fellow and Editor of the RUSI Newsbrief.

According to them, Russian information campaign against the United Kingdom is lobbying for a British exit from the EU, scrapping of Trident programme, and a Scottish exit from the Union - all outcomes which would weaken the UK and give Russia a freer hand in world affairs.

So obviously, they just seem to blame the "Red October" for all the things that the British high society does not wish to see, as it is very connected to the EU. Scottish exit would mean a great economic loss for the Kingdom, and the Trident-cut promises workplaces scrapped and very expensive international nuclear contracts suspended.

However, our "politically disconnected" experts simply reiterate some articles, previously published by Guardian in the no-comments section. Meaning that those "facts" are the only way the UK Government sees the situation, and wants its citizens to react in a "proper" way.

The overall objective of this report is not only to justify current EU and NATO priorities, but to assist in a broader objective: to undermine Russia's status as a one of the world's superpowers. UK experts see as an "injustice" the fact that Russia, which had once again arisen after the collapse of the Soviet Union, resists the forced expansion of NATO and the dragging of former closest allies into EU. Meanwhile the authors even dare say that Russia's behaviour today is similar to that of Germany's Weimar Republic during the 1920s - which sounds like a complete mocking of facts and reality.

Meanwhile and the authors actually do mention in their report that EU is trying to force eastern-European countries (i.e. Montenegro and Ukraine) to adopt perverted and decadent standards (equal rights for sexual minorities, support for non-traditional families) and to take migrants in huge numbers to rape, raise crime levels, carry out terrorist acts and welfare abuses.

Frankly speaking, this so-called report, which mostly looks as if written by two people driven by hysterical fear, has three known purposes.

First and foremost - it tries to prove the existence of the "Russian threat", and justify the NATO and EU military build-up in Eastern Europe.

Secondly, the authors were simply trying to prove that counter-propaganda sphere is in dire need of more funding.

Third is the fact that Ben Nimmo and Dr. Jonathan Eyal were simply trying to distract the British society from internal problems of UK and EU, such as the uncontrolled flow of migrants, threat of terror attacks and the overall suffering from NATO-driven political decisions.

And of course, last but not least - the well proven over the years Western double standards. It is a tool used primarily to justify NATO and EU criminal activities by saying that "evil Russian empire" is doing the same, in a much larger and terrifying scale.