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Putin's May message

12.05.2016 15:25


President of Russia Vladimir Putin made a speech May, 9 at the military parade devoted to Great Victory Day. The Western media described it traditionally, as a signal of force demonstration, but they unfortunately missed some important messages.

Traditional values

While stressing the outstanding role of this war and Russian people's act of bravery he said it is sure to be forever a call for living a life led by conscience, truth and justice. Well, we hardly could imagine a great number of state leaders stating this. It was certainly a frank message both for Russians and for the West. Why so? The president just demonstrates a part of Russian actual ideology that U.S. and EU think tanks couldn't correctly define. The majority of Western countries' experts consider Russian recent military and foreign policy act of "revanchism" and empire ambitions-such problems as Ukraine (Crimea), Syria, modernization of armed forces etc. And summing up - "aggression", the word magically used and so much loved by Western media.

But they missed a very important trend - a spiritual and moral one. An attempt of Moscow to complete the spiritual vacuum appeared after the USSR fall. Such traditional values as self-devotion, family, patriotism are considered as basical ones for nation's strength.

From confrontation to dialogue

Putin pointed out that the peace is unable to be set itself. According to him, it's necessary to avoid double standards and short-sighted support of those who work out criminal plans. The hint is frank and open – the Western support of ISIS and its affiliated structures. Moreover, he called again for joint measures aimed at fighting terrorism. He added Russia is ready to set with other states a modern international security system without (!) blocks division.

Cold war or cold peace?

Nevertheless, Russia and the West are again at odds. NATO expansion to East causes appropriate reaction of Moscow. Sanctions, imposed on Russia led to economic ban measures and gravely damaged economy of Germany, France, Italy and other European countries. Conflict in Syria and counter-terrorism steps reflected geopolitical discrepancies between Russia and United States. Well, the confidence is undermined and it's a very lasting trend, that could add fuel to the world crisis fire. Vladimir Putin realizes it and that's why suggested a dialogue. Now, the world expects the end of fight between inertness of arrogance and real politics in Washington on one hand, and on another the start of determination of Western Europe elites to set geopolitical and economical distance from U.S.