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Green men behind eyes of Polish defense minister

08.07.2016 13:20


Until the Kremlin authorities change their approach, Russia should be treated as the biggest threat to peace in Europe and the world, said the Polish minister of defence Antoni Macierewicz in an interview to Radio Poland. "Russia is the aggressor. Never before, since World War II, did we face such a situation. What’s more, Russia is not hiding its aggressive intentions, neither towards Ukraine - whose territory it is occupying - nor towards other countries of the region, including Poland," went on the minister.

Well, it's very clear as for Ukraine – U.S. exploded and almost destroyed the country to weaken Russia and EU and finally not to let European Union and Kremlin reach the compromise between over the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Then after the coup in Ukraine backed by the West Moscow suddenly showed rapid reaction – supported referendum in Crimea and started defending the interests of Russian speaking people in Ukraine. But Moscow is anyhow "agressor"…

So, what had been proposed by Macierewicz? The minister made it clear. He stressed a continuous presence of NATO combat troops was needed in Poland, rather than just temporary exercises. "We made a decision to expand the Polish army, we’re building up local defence groups, we’re now spending two percent of our budget on the army and we are demonstrating solidarity with our allies," added Macierewicz.

In what is the point? Real necessity or just solidarity with the allies? Poland and the NATO give no professional reply, just ideological allegations. And what is behind Polish fears and Macierewicz' Russophobia? So, the anti-Russian hysteria has its real roots.

First, Russophobia, based on geopolitical inferiority complex, showed again by Macierewicz. Poland keeps eye on Ukraine, Belorussia and try to play an active role in NATO. But Warsaw is capable of doing nothing without Washington, key NATO member, and sticks to its instructions. On one hand there are ambitions, on other – the mind of vassal.

Second, Antoni Macierewicz had anti-communist views and was the head of the military counterintelligence service. So, his extreme Russophobia is being simply explained.

Third, the consequences of this very Russophobia and NATO enlargement are very sad and give no benefits to Poland and to EU as a whole. It in fact makes European countries' infrastructure targets for Russian military. The growth in military spending is sure to aggravate economic crisis and lead to more social tension in EU.

So, Macierewicz is right, Russia is a real threat to Polish ambitions backed by U.S. global leadership concepts. Well, today the NATO summit in Warsaw is to shed some light on how the alliance would go on maintain tension inspired by Washington and fully supported by its new allies (Poland, Baltic states and Ukraine). As the president of Russia Vladimir Putin hinted before, such decisions if taken and the concrete hostile activities would add fuel to the fire. The point is nobody needs it…