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Hostilities go on in Syria

27.09.2016 16:17

The Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic released a bulletin on the actual situation in Syria. According to Russian military, within last 24 hours, 22 cases of ceasefire violation have been registered from the side of illegal armed formations in the provinces of Damascus (13), Aleppo (7), and Latakia (2).

The terrorists are reported to have fired mortars and small arms against Jaubar, Harasta, Haush al-Farah, Kabun, Duma, Haush Nasri, farms in Haush al-Farah, and positions of the government troops near height 612 in Damascus province. Moreover, in Aleppo province, Beniyamin, Shurfa, southern farms in Sheikh al-Kobtani, Hai al-Ansari, 1070, Leramon quarters of Aleppo, and the Kastello trade centre have been shelled with MLRS, artillery guns, IFVs, mortars, AT missiles and small arms. In Latakia province, illegal armed formations have fired mortars against Ain al-Qantara and positions of the government troops near Abu Ali Mountain.

Citizens of Jamiliyah in Homs province have received humanitarian cargos (2.24 tons) with sugar, flour, rice, tea, canned meat and fish. Flour has been also delivered to Shakhba (7.5 tons) located in al-Suwayda and to Umm al-Tiur (2 tons) located in the province of Hama.

US double-standard policy in Syria has led to violating the ceasefire. That resulted in strengthening terrorist groups in the country that desparately oppose the Syrian army.