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Lavrov: consultations on Aleppo it is nothing short of a "detective story"

07.12.2016 12:29

The Russian-US talks on Aleppo turned out to be suspended. According to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, "as for when the consultations on Aleppo will start, it is nothing short of a detective story".

Lavrov stated that December, 2 in Rome the US Secretary of State John Kerry asked him to support a particular document drafted by the U.S. It seemed to have met Russia's approaches. Thus, it was officially supported by Moscow December, 3. The negotiations were to be held December, 7.

"All of a sudden, last night, we receive word from them to the effect that, unfortunately, they won’t be able to meet with us tomorrow, because they have changed their mind, and will now withdraw the document, since they now have a new draft, which, judging by our first impressions from reading it, brings everything back to where it was and, once again, looks like an attempt to buy some time for the militants so that they can catch a breather and replenish their supplies," said Lavrov.

So, the U.S. again undermines the dialogue on Aleppo. Probably it happens because of serious discrepencies on the Middle East and counterterrorist policy in American administration that is to be renewed very soon.