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Russia Distributes 1.7 Metric Tons of Aid to Syrians Over 24 Hours

27.03.2017 17:28

Russian center for Syrian reconciliation carried out six humanitarian events in Aleppo and Latakia Province.

Russian center for Syrian reconciliation carried out six humanitarian events in Aleppo and Latakia Province, distributing 1.7 metric tons of humanitarian aid to civilians, the statement released by the Center said on Monday.

"Within last 24 hours, 2,850 citizens have received humanitarian aid. Total weight of humanitarian aid provided to the Syrian population has reached 1.7 [metric] tons," the statement reads, adding that a total of five humanitarian events were held in Aleppo and one more in Darmina settlement in the Latakia province.

According to the statement, citizens of Aleppo received 2,500 portions of hot meal, bread and water, with Darmina civilians receiving 350 sets of food.

"Under the auspices of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides, humanitarian convoys with cargos provided by the UN have been sent Stuk Wadi Barada and Deir Mukarem (Damascus province) from the Damascus city," the statement added.

Russia has been providing Syrian civilians with medical help and regular humanitarian aid deliveries, including food, medicine, items of first necessity and items for children, to help them survive until peace is restored in Syria.