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The candidate for the President of France: the future of the Crimea should be defined at the UN conference

21.04.2017 14:04

Islamic terrorism can not be eradicated only with the help of Western forces, said French presidential candidate François Fillon. In his interview to Le Figaro he called a mistake the refusal of a coalition with Russia, Iran and other countries which fight against terrorism.

In the same way it is impossible to overcome Islamic terrorism in Syria without the forces of Bashar al-Assad's regime. "The idea that Bashar al-Assad's presence prevents us to cooperate with Russia and Iran in eradicating Islamic terrorism conducts to the deadlock". Fillon argues that the only thing that potential Western allies need, is an agreement which would establish their interests in the region. "For Russia, Syria is one of the symbols of the revival of her power".

Also according to the French politician, in the Crimean question it is necessary to observe two principles contradicting each other: respect of borders and right of the people for self-determination. "Nobody can deny that the Crimea is the Russian territory from the historical, cultural, linguistic points of view. Persistence in the fact that Russia should leave the Crimea will never lead to anything", said Fillon.

Instead of this, it is necessary to organize a conference under the auspices of the UN, devoted to the peninsula future. Fillon believes that it's only way to find a way out of this situation.