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The US Congress banned Kiev spending for battalion "Azov"

04.05.2017 18:18

The House of Representatives of the US Congress banned to spend the funds for support of the nationalist Azov battalion. The support is enshrined in the appropriation bill to the Pentagon, which was included into the general draft budget for the rest of the fiscal 2017 year. On Wednesday, he was accepted by the lower house of the Congress.

"The funds provided by this law cannot be used for supply arms, conduct training or provide any other assistance to the Azov battalion", the document says. This initiative was accepted by the House of Representatives in early March, but now it has again passed the voting procedure as part of the general federal budget. Proposed by John Conyers and Ted Yoho , the amendments to HR 2685, the "Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2015, refer to "Azov" battalion as an "openly neo-Nazi" and "fascist" and prohibit US instructors from training or arming the controversial unit.

The amendments, intended to "protect civilians from dangers of arming and training foreign forces," also ban US exports of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft rockets, known as MANPADS, to Iraq and Ukraine.