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Human Rights Watch watches Russian not US sins

12.05.2017 17:20

In the recent statement representatives of the international human rights organization "Human Rights Watch" urged the Turkish leaders to reconsider the participation of the Rosoboronexport in the international exhibition which is taking place in Istanbul during the period from May 9 to May 12.

As the main argument for refusal in granting the platform human rights activists use the standard myth for them about the participation of official Damascus in war crimes, where Russian weapons are used. According to them, Russia uses the Syrian conflict as an advertising platform for demonstrating new types of military equipment therefore she is interested in continuing the fighting.

Similar theses from the US-controlled non-governmental organizations (NGO) have long occupied their place of honor in "tops" of the leading Western media. It should be noted that human rights defenders often intensify their activities only in cases when the interests of the United States and allies fall under attack.

Here the direct use of NGO for conducting unfair competition in the arms market and discrediting the Russian defense industry can be clearly traced. However, objective factors of Russia's success in military-technical cooperation, including with Turkey (NATO member), are not delicately indicated in the reports.

At the same time "Human Rights Watch" does not pay attention to the facts of using American production weapons by the international terrorist groups: from the Taliban in Afghanistan to ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Moreover, in December 2016, US President Barack Obama confessed that origin and strengthening of ISIS were promoted by mistakes in military planning made by the US administration in 2003.

In addition, the United States, trying to take own benefit, often ignore interests of the allies. Weapons delivery to the Kurdish forces, despite protests from Turkey, is a striking example of such approach. Similar practice of adoption unilateral decisions leads to increasing tension in the region. It is logical to assume that reduction of total number of armed conflicts is clearly not for the benefit of the US military-industrial lobby.

It is not surprisingly that the Middle East countries have lost trust to the US administration and have started looking for an alternative to American arms supplies. In this context Russia, is open for cooperation with all the actors ready to fight against the international terrorism and could become a reliable partner for the countries of the region not only in the political side, but also in military-technical cooperation.