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Putin: Share of modern arms in Russian Air Forces by the end of 2017 has to be 68%

19.05.2017 13:57

The Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on formation of the new state arms program for 2018-2025 reported about it.

"New airplanes and helicopters, anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense equipment, and military space technology continue to arrive at the armament of the Air and Space Forces. The share of modern weapons of arms is brought to 66% now, and by the end of this year it has to increase to 68%", Putin told.

According to him, the share of the complex "Yars" (mobile and mine basing) in the Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) will grow to 72% by the end of the year.

The head of state noted that updating of Navy continues. According to him, for 2016 its structure was replenished with 24 new ships and support vessels, including the frigates and submarines equipped with long-range cruise missiles "Caliber". The president added that the share of modern weapons and equipment on the fleet is 47% now and until the end of the year has to increase to 55%.

"In general during the forthcoming program period it is important to keep the reached rates of rearms and, of course, to provide continuity of actions with the existing state arms program", - Vladimir Putin concluded.