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Are you afraid of responsibility? - Dump all to Russia!

23.05.2017 18:07

On May 22, on the page of the "Qasioun news" Internet edition there was a news with a loud headline "Thirty civilians were killed by Russian airstrikes on Deir ez-Zour". Observers noted that this incident resulted from a mistake of the Russian aircraft which supports the Syrian government troops. In the same note the edition pays close attention to actions of the international coalition led by the USA, highlighting only her positive results.

At the same time the edition delicately does not mention that the province Deir ez-Zor is not included into a zone of active participation of the Russian aviation. On the contrary, on May 15, the coalition made air strike around the city Abu-Kemal in this province.

Besides, messages about the victims among civilians and destruction of civil objects after air raids of the international coalition in other provinces of Syria and Iraq come every month. However, Western media and human rights activists try not to pay attention to similar incidents or classify them as "acceptable losses".

In Syria and Iraq since 2014 not less than 350 civilians have become the victims of air raids of the international coalition fighting against ISIS. Such data was published by military department of the USA on April 30. However, independent monitoring groups note that this information distorts real statistics of losses. For example, the Antiwar monitoring group ( specifies that more than 3 thousand civilians became the victims of the coalition air strikes. And this is despite of Pentagon's multi-billion investment in precision weapons.

Moreover, this statistics does not take into account the "indirect" losses among civilians from weapons of American production. The US sells modern weapons to Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries, but does not control its further spread in the region. As a result, these weapons fall into the hands of radical Islamists, who use it in their crimes.

Against this background, the reaction of some news agencies to actions of Russian Aerospace Forces looks strange. It is no secret that the West through under control media once again tries to discredit Russia's activities in Syria for the aim of withdrawal of the Russian group from the territory of Syrian Arab Republic and establish full control over resources and important transport hubs of the country. However, spreading obviously false or unverified information about the deaths of civilians is the highest level of human cynicism.

For all the time of activity of Russian Aerospace Forces in the territory of Syria any evidence of death of civilians from attacks of the Russian aircraft is not produced. All the statements are made on the basis of reports of various "witnesses" and messages on social networks.

Activity of the Syrian volunteer organization "White Helmets" is a striking example of such approach. "Victims" among local population which in the subsequent publications "revive" repeatedly appear in their video reports and even give an interview about "horrors of bombing by the Russian Air Forces".

In this way, instead of concentrating on joint fight against terrorism and minimizing losses among civilians, representatives of the Western coalition and the related media try to shift all responsibility for own mistakes to the Russian side, thereby playing into the hands of fighters of the ISIS terrorist group.