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Germany withdraws troops from Turkey

06.06.2017 17:29

The last attempt to resolve the conflict between Berlin and Ankara around the right of German parliamentarians to visit soldiers of the Bundeswehr placed at the Turkish Air Force Base Incirlik failed.

German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel during his visit to Ankara on Monday, June 5, failed to agree with the Turkish authorities about the unlimited visit right, which Germany insists.

I regret this very much, but I ask you to understand that we will have to relocate the soldiers (the Bundeswehr from the Injirlik base, - Ed.), he said at the end of the meeting with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. A formal decision on the withdrawal of the German military from Turkey has not yet been taken, and there is no plan for how this can happen. However, there is no alternative to the redeployment of the Bundeswehr from the Incirlik, the head of the German foreign ministry said.

On the eve of the visit to Turkey, Gabriel said in an interview with the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag about the possible cooperation of the Bundeswehr with Jordan. If the Turkish authorities can not or do not want to allow German deputies to come to Injirlik for domestic political reasons, then Berlin and Ankara must "agree on the termination of the deployment of troops without conflict and on partnership grounds", he specified.

According to him, there are no obstacles for the redeployment of the German contingent to Jordan, with which many Western countries cooperate. "For several decades, Jordan has been one of the anchors of stability in this region", the minister noted.

On the basis of "Injirlik" there are about 260 German servicemen. They support air strikes against the bases of the group ISIS, carrying out investigation from air and refueling of aircraft.

Recall that the conflict around the base between Turkey and Germany arose in mid-May, when Ankara did not give permission to enter the delegation of the German Bundestag Committee on Defense, which planned to visit Injirlik. This step was taken by the Turkish authorities after Berlin granted asylum to soldiers from Turkey.