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Slaughter in the south of Syria: Al-Qaeda rushes to offensive, but comes under pernicious fire of Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Army

06.06.2017 17:35

The Syrian troops and the Russian Aerospace Forces (RAF) reflected the powerful offensive of al-Qaeda terrorists in the Al-Manshiya area of the Southern city of Deraa.

The assault forces fell under the pernicious fire of the aircraft of the RAF, which inflicted dozens of bomb attacks on the places of congestion of bandits. The army of Syria did not lag behind the Russian allies, the SAA artillery fired hundreds of shells at the enemy.

As a result of the failed offensive, about 30 militants "Hayat Tahrir ash Sham" ("Djebhat al-Nusra", the Syrian wing of Al-Qaeda) and other groups associated with the "Free Syrian Army" were killed, dozens of gang members were injured.

The unsuccessful assault began after the reinforcements of the 4th armored division of the Syrian army arrived in Deraa, which throws forces to this Southern province to lead a large-scale operation against terrorist groups.

Al-Qaeda and "opposition" also sent many of their fighters to the fronts of the upcoming battle, as the new round of Syrian peace talks is planned only in mid-June in the Kazakh capital.