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Putin: US Seeks to Prevent any Rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia

14.06.2017 16:58

The desire to prevent rapprochement between Kiev and Moscow is one of the main directions of US policy in Eastern Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in the second part of The Putin Interviews documentary, aired by Showtime on Tuesday night.

"The philosophy of American foreign policy in this region is that the rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine must be prevented by all means, because someone sees it as some kind of threat. Someone thinks that this is a source of Russia's might and any rapprochement of Russia and Ukraine must be prevented by all means", Putin said, speaking about the events of the Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" in 2004.

According to the Russian leader, many politicians in the US and Europe were guided by geopolitical considerations, not by the freedom of choice for the people of Ukraine.

"Support for radical elements in Ukraine is a good move from the point of view of this approach. But if we look at the problem more broadly, if we want to abandon the international confrontation then it is necessary to change the philosophy of international relations", Vladimir Putin stressed.