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Armenian Writer Presents her Book about War in Syria

22.06.2017 19:29

Writer Lala Minasyan-Miskaryan has presented to Russian journalists her Armenian-language book, The Syrian Diary, about sufferings of Aleppo residents during the period when the city was captured by terrorists.

"I wrote about what was around me from the first day of war in the city. The world must know about the incredible pain ordinary Syrians had to live in when Aleppo was seized by terrorists", she said. Also the writer added she once had been literally within an inch of death when a shell hit her apartment in Aleppo’s Armenian quarter.

According to the writer people living in Aleppo are thankful to the Russian military for their contribution to the city’s liberation. Her next book will be dedicated to the city’s revival, she pointed out.

The 200-page book was published in Lebanon, with a print run of 700 copies.