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Russian Military Resumes Aid to Population of Syria’s Hama Province

21.07.2017 19:01

Residents of the Syrian village of Maardas (the Hama province) have received humanitarian aid from the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties, the center’s officer Alexander Vorontsov said.

Vorontsov explained that the village was controlled alternately by the Syrian army and the Islamic State (terror group, outlawed in Russia). The militants used tanks, artillery, rocket launchers and suicide bombers in mine-studded trucks to recapture this populated locality. Now they have been thrown about 15 kilometers back.

According to the Russian military, there are numerous civilian casualties, more than 200 people have been wounded. Almost all buildings - houses, a school and a mosque - have been destroyed, just as the local outpatient department. That’s why Russian doctors who take care of 40-50 patients per day have arrived in the village together with the military.

"About half of them are children. The main ailments are skin diseases, various kinds of arthritis, diabetes. There are many hypertensive patients and people with arthronosos", endoscopist Alexey Luchshev said. He added that the situation in the village is exacerbated by the poor quality of food and long absence of medical care.