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New Anti-Russian Sanctions Ruin Unity of EU and US – Political Expert

28.07.2017 16:56

The bill toughening unilateral US sanctions against Russia risks driving a wedge between the United States and key European allies, Richard Connolly, an associate fellow of the Russia and Eurasia program at Chatham House, said.

According to him, European countries consider the imposed restrictions against Russia to be extremely unprofitable for them.

"To date, it became clear that Western firms were seriously affected by the sanctions regime against Russia. So American and European manufacturing and energy giants lost a lot of money", Connolly said.

"By pushing through a new round of sanctions that will expand on those that already exist against Russia, US congressmen actually drive a wedge between Europe and the United States", he stressed.

In his opinion, the stated desire to target the proposed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is seen by some European officials as an attempt to replace cheap Russian gas with more expensive US liquefied natural gas.

"Not only would this disrupt existing gas relationships between Russia and European countries such as Austria, Germany and Italy, but it would also result in European industrial firms paying a higher price for energy than their US competitors. EU officials are already hinting at retaliation against the United States if their interests are threatened", he concluded.