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Trump Should Not Stop Trying to Normalize Relations with Russia – American Expert

09.08.2017 14:12

Josh Cohen, American political analyst, argues that US President Donald Trump should continue the policy of normalizing relations with Moscow, despite the Congress’s dissatisfaction.

In his opinion, Trump's policy towards Moscow is reasonable. Russia and the United States should be able to work together. And in spite of the acrimony over the latest sanctions, there are ways that to get that done.

According to him, the US President needs to create an institutional government-to-government structure to support this objective. The first working group should focus on discussing issues in the area of arms control and non-proliferation, and disposing of weapons-grade plutonium.

In addition, the Russians and Americans should think over the joint struggle against the Afghan and Pakistani drug traffic. A third working group could be tasked with looking for ways to cooperate in Syria and seek opportunities to coordinate in the fight against Islamic State (outlawed in Russia). Finally, a cyber working group should be established to establish rules for cyber activities.

He resumed that it is necessary for American national security interests to reboot the relationship with the world's other major nuclear superpower.