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White House's Lies on US Missile Defense Undermine Confidence between Moscow and Washington – American Expert

10.08.2017 14:40

Washington's desire to deploy anti-ballistic missile systems in Europe destroys Russian-US relations, Robert Bridge, American political scientist, said. According to him, the US political establishment consistently destroys the "bridges of dialogue" with the Kremlin.

The analyst recalls that the US withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in December 2001 was rightly described by Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a "tragic mistake". However, Washington said that deploying an anti-missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic would protect Europe from an "axis of evil states" developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The main threat, according to strategists in the Pentagon, came from Iran. Meanwhile, it is well known that Tehran did not have real capabilities to develop nuclear weapons, political scientist stressed.

At the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama announced that the implementation of the deploy missile defense systems's project is suspended. However, the further policy of the former American leader contradicted his original intentions. For example, secretary of defense Robert Gates, in the time of the Obama administration, in his article in The New York Times openly admitted that the Pentagon intends not only to modernize the interceptor missiles, but also to significantly increase their number.

According to Robert Bridge, it was a paradoxical situation arose: the United States enthusiastically increased the "nuclear shield", but demanded that Russia abandon the "nuclear sword". The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), signed in April 2010, implied a reduction by both sides of more than 1,500 nuclear warheads. Interesting, isn't it? While Washington was deploying an anti-missile defense system on the Russian border, Moscow had to reduce its nuclear potential, analyst said.

In his opinion, for a long time Moscow hoped that the White House's promise of a willingness to begin a dialogue on the issue of missile defense would become a practical one. However, Washington cynically disavowed its own words. The US promise of cooperation in the field of missile defense turned out to be a blatant lie, political scientist resumed.