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British Media Talk about Russia's Success in Syria amid US Failures against North Korean Threat

14.08.2017 17:51

The British media claim that the Russians have made no secret of their attempt to make allies in the Middle East – and while the US and NATO forces turn their attention to the nuclear threat from North Korea, the Kremlin is focused on Syria.

Zoie O'Brien, British political analyst, says that battering Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) terrorists in Syria has long been on the Kremlin agenda, and Putin is cementing ties with President Bashar al-Assad.

Analyst citing the Russian Defense Ministry writes that the city of as-Sukhnah has now been fully liberated from ISIS (outlawed in Russia) after being taken in 2015.

Thus, according to the analyst, in a massive strategic defeat over terrorists, Assad's army has made a major inroad to the besieged enclave of Deir ez-Zor.

In his opinion, despite the persisting disagreements between Russia and the West on issues of Syrian settlement, Moscow managed to increase its power on the world stage, enlarging its ring of allies.

Meanwhile, the White House is focused on the looming threat from North Korea, but Washington's indecisiveness and inconsistency sharply contrasts with Moscow's success in the Middle East.

The British political scientist is sure that this contrast strengthens Russia's position in world politics and damages the United States's authority as a global leader.