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American Expert Accused Washington of Deteriorating Relations with Moscow

14.08.2017 17:57

Thomas Graham, managing director at Kissinger Associates, said that the introduction of new sanctions by the United States on Russia has sent relations between the two countries to lows not seen since the end of the Cold War.

According to him, many in the United States blame the deterioration on Russian President Vladimir Putin, the truth is that relations between the two countries have always been rocky, and the periods of cooperation have been brief.

The US doesn’t just have a Putin problem; it has a Russia problem, political analyst wrote in The Politico.

In his opinion, The United States needs to start from a hard truth: Russia will not soon, if ever, become a liberal democracy that fits comfortably in Western structures.

At the same time, Russia's large presence on the global stage is guaranteed by its geographic position in the heart of Eurasia, its nuclear arsenal and unparalleled wealth of natural resources – not to mention its increasingly capable military, world-class diplomatic corps and a creative scientific community, expert said.

He stressed that Washington cannot effectively isolate one of the world's largest economies, especially when major rising non-Western powers, notably China and India, are not prepared to follow America's lead. In addition, sanctions will ultimately disappoint – especially when Russia believes its vital interests are at stake, as in Ukraine today, and that no steps short of capitulation could lead to the lifting of sanctions given the pervasive anti-Russian animus in Washington.

According to analyst, a better option would be to engage with Moscow pragmatically and focus on managing the geopolitical rivalry to reduce to a minimum the risk of a full-blown conflict. Urgent global threats – the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism, climate change and pandemic diseases – require joint action by all major powers, Russia and the United States included, he resumed.