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Russia's Attack Submarines Can Attack any Target on Globe – American Expert

21.08.2017 16:45

The Russian Navy released a video of K-560 Severodvinsk – sailing in the Barents Sea – launching Kalibr cruise missiles towards a target in the Chizh test site in the Arkhangelsk region 600 kilometers away. The video highlights the Russian Navy’s capability to perform long-range strike missions across the globe –something that has largely been the sole purview of Western navies armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles since the end of the Cold War.

In The Kalibr affords Russian surface warships the ability to engage targets ashore at long ranges. Indeed, the Russian Navy can strike at large parts of northern and western Europe from its surface warships and conventional submarines.

According to Michael Kofman, a research scientist specializing in Russian military affairs at the Center for Naval Analyses, the Kalibr comes into its own when deployed onboard Russia's fleet of nuclear-powered attack submarines. Given the speed, stealth and global reach of Russian nuclear-powered submarines, Moscow can use submarines equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles to strike at targets around the globe with conventional or a nuclear warhead.

What all of that means is that the United States no longer has the monopoly on long-range precision strike, the military analyst wrote in The National Interest. Moreover, while the United States has always counted on the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans to forestall a direct attack on the American soil, the introduction of weapons like the Kalibr means that other great powers can now hold targets within the American homeland at risk with both conventional and nuclear weapons. For Washington, it's a threat that the United States has not faced since the 1991 demise of the Soviet Union, resumed the expert.