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National Interest: Trump Was Unable to Change Russian-U.S. Relations for Better

21.08.2017 16:51

Angela Stent, head of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University, claims that during the first months of his presidency, Donald Trump could not achieve an improvement in Russian-U.S. relations. In her article in The National Interest, the political expert develops the idea that the main obstacle to the normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington is that most of Trump's team denies Russia the right to sovereignty.

According to her, Vladimir Putin seeks to ensure that no one intervenes in Russia's domestic policy. In addition, the Russian leader wants to create an "arc of security" on the borders of Russia so that loyal regimes are established in the border states, which in turn will eliminate the risk of military conflicts.

Given the fundamental differences between the two sides on a host of issues, and the lack of trust, the Russian-U.S. relationship will at best remain a limited partnership, with cooperation on some issues of mutual interest, the expert said.

In her opinion, Moscow and Washington can act together in the fight against international terrorism because both agree that terrorism is a common threat. Besides, the situation in North Korea could also be an avenue for cooperation. And, opening talks about designing rules of the road in the cyber sphere would be desirable. The political scientist is sure that the Trump administration should focus on these issues in relations with Russia.