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Guilty without guilt

06.04.2018 15:00

On the eve of the head of the chemical laboratory in Porton Down Gary Aitkenhead announced the results of the experts work with a substance that was poisoned by Sergey Skripal and his daughter. He confirmed that the specialists established his belonging to the class A-234 "Novichok", but denied the availability of data about the country of the poisons origin. Immediately after that the British Foreign Ministry removed a tweet in which it was announced that Russia was involved in the creation of a nerve agent, which used in the territory of the United Kingdom.

Against this background, Britain's allies are beginning to demand clarification about the unfounded accusations, because after than these countries were forced to join the London campaign to expel Russian diplomats. So, the coordinator of German-Russian cooperation with the German government, Gernot Erler, called on Britain to provide evidence of Russia's guilt in the assassination attempt on the Skripal. He stressed that against the background of previous contradictory reports from British politicians, Berlin intends to exert pressure on London in the interests of obtaining evidence of Russia's guilt. In this regard, US President Donald Trump also expressed his opinion: he was ready to blame Moscow, but only on condition that Washington provided convincing evidence.

In turn, journalists of the BBC television and radio broadcasting company noted that the current diplomatic war between Russia and the UK is only an "artillery preparation for a real battle" as part of an information campaign against Moscow. At the same time, they recognize as legitimate "from a formal point of view" the Kremlin's demand that London apologize officially to Moscow.

Thus, even the allies of the United Kingdom and its own media accentuate the unfoundedness of Russia's accusations of poisoning Sergey Skripal. The hasty conclusions of the British leadership without conducting a thorough investigation of the incident led to the fact that now London has to justify itself and seek new ways of extenuation this situation. However, as is known from the history of the relationship between the Kremlin and Albion, the latter has always tried to use fictitious facts to discredit Russia, especially during her development periods. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the story of the provocation in Salisbury, but this time the prestige of Britain can be permanently ruined after the discovery of new "uncomfortable" facts in the "Skripal case".