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Skripal says goodbye, but he does not go away

22.05.2018 12:22

Alex Gordon

A few days ago, a former GRU officer, recruited by British intelligence, Sergei Skripal was discharged from the hospital. By coincidence, the double agent left the hospital on the wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meanwhile, many experts are puzzled: why the resonant "Skripal case" quietly and imperceptibly evaporated. After all, two months ago, the British government cursed the Kremlin's insidiousness and urgently demanded that the European countries adopt new sanctions against Moscow.

However, it soon became clear: the Salisbury incident was a double-edged sword that hit the British Prime Minister Theresa May and her entourage. The false and unsubstantiated allegations by the United Kingdom authorities against the Kremlin led to a series of independent investigations conducted by journalists from influential media and even by special services of European countries.

"Journalistic free-thinking" become a real shock for the British government. London did not take much care to form a  substantial body of evidence, counting on unconditional support from the whole "civilized community". That is why during the investigations experts easily revealed the gross inconsistencies between the words of the British authorities and the real picture of what happened.

German media made the first tangible blow to Teresa May. The "Zeit" found out that the German special services received samples of the nerve agent "Novice" back in the 90s. Journalists also claim that samples of this poison are stored in chemical laboratories in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France.

Soon, Czech President Milos Zeman ordered his special services to check the fact of the production of the nerve agent "Novichok" in the Czech Republic. Thus, the politician reacted to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which announced that the Czech special services possess the chemical formula of a nerve agent. After the intelligence services provided him with the results of the investigation, Zeman announced: "Novichok" was really produced in the Czech Republic.

Even British experts were forced to admit that their own government had deceived the whole world. "The further goes the investigation, the less truth remains in what the politicians in Britain have said. It turns out that the "Novichok" was brewed even in Iran under the supervision of the OPCW in order to find an antidote in case Israel has poison. Standards of substance were at all - at the Great Britain, at Sweden, at the USA, at all NATO. We were simply deceived", stated former officer of the British security service Mi-5 Annie Machon.

According to him, Skripal had long been of no interest either to Russian or British special services. "Otherwise, he would not have lived under a real name and would not have been on the voter lists with the address and telephone number. So, he did not have the values and he no one be hunted. Meanwhile, Skripal lived next to the one who recruited him in the 90s. Nearby  the one who always used him for money was, and now could use him differently to inflate the anti-Russian hysteria again", the retired Mi-5 officer emphasized.

Now Theresa May and her team are desperately looking for ways out of this situation. That is why the former GRU officer was discharged from the hospital on the day of the wedding in the royal family - so that the public, who was closely watching this celebration, did not notice the "miraculous recovery" of the spy. However, it is not possible for the British government to get people to forget about their own lies and the "Skripal case" that has flashed across the world. The shadow of the "double agent" hung over the authorities of the Foggy Albion.