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Czech Republic does not believe Theresa May

29.05.2018 12:03

The former head of the Military Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic and security expert Andor Sandor said that Moscow was not involved in the poisoning of the former colonel of the GRU and his daughter Julia.

Recall that the victims were found on March 4 in an unconscious state near the shopping center in the British Salisbury. Prime Minister Theresa May immediately accused the Kremlin of involvement in the assassination attempt of a former British spy. According to the authorities of the United Kingdom, Skripals were poisoned by the nerve agent "Novichok", allegedly synthesized in Russia.

"Building accusations based only on the fact that Russians know how to synthesize the "Novichok" is at least unreasonable", Sandor said in an interview with the publication of the Parlamentni List in the Czech Republic. In addition, it turned out that a similar substance is able to synthesize the Czech Republic, the expert said.

The ex-head of intelligence also noted that if as a result of poisoning the "Novichok" was actually used, then the Skrpals would be already dead and not discharged from the hospital without any consequences. The expert is also alarmed by one more thing: as ordinary employees of the medical institution where the Skripals was delivered, they were able to determine the cause of the poisoning literally from the first minute and understand that it was exactly the "Novichok".

Despite the lack of evidence, Britain continues to blame Russia for involvement in the Skripals poisoning. Moreover, the versions of what happened are becoming more and more absurd. The other day The Sun stated that an assassination attempt on ex-colonel GRU and his daughter could have been a Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, who "left the UK" inadvertently left almost immediately after the incident. Quite a few questions from the world community is caused by the "sensational" interview of the "survivor" Julia Skripal. Her blooming appearance is absolutely not compatible with the fact that the girl was in coma for a long time because of poisoning by a powerful fighting substance. Moreover, the location of Julia is still unknown. As, indeed, and her father, who, according to the doctors, has already left the medical institution, where, together with his daughter, was taken after the incident.

In fact, London still has absolutely nothing to show to Moscow. However, he persistently continues to untwist "anti-Russian hysteria", preferring not to notice that he is rapidly losing not only his European allies, but also international prestige.