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More than alive

01.06.2018 14:49

Andrew Beyzer

In the UK, May 23, a video message to the daughter of former Colonel GRU Yulia Skripal was published. A young girl talks in the video about her recovery, thanks the British doctors and expresses her desire to return to her country. And now more than a week the whole of Europe on the frame examines the appeared video with the Julia's appeal. However, her first appearance in the media still raises more questions than answers.

First of all, the specialists in medicine had a reasonable question about the "miracles" of such an early "healing" after the poisoning with the nerve agent "Novichok". Even British officials represented by Prime Minister Theresa May and the intelligence Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Alex Younger stated that even if the victims survive, they will remain disabled for life. However, as we see from the video, Yulia Skripal after three weeks of coma and heavy recovery began to look even better than before the poisoning. But, despite the "heroism" of British doctors and the military toxicologists who helped them, the question of the possibility of surviving after poisoning with such a potent poison remains open. Was there an attempt of the assassination? The relatively healthy appearance of Julia in her first interview after severe poisoning gives reason to doubt the data of the British investigation.

Secondly, the philologists had suspicions about the sincere words of Julia. They noted the monotony of the text: hey expected at least some emotion from the young girl who found herself in a difficult life situation, but Julia pronounced an apparently learned foreign text almost quickly, using very unusual words and terms. In addition, Julia, a geographer by education, was able to duplicate on paper in pure English what she had said in an interview.

Thus, there are a frank staging and the next provocation of the British special services in the published video. After the initial heat of the anti-Russian hysteria due to the "Skrypal case" began to lose its former degree, London urgently needed to find a new source of "fuel" to maintain the necessary "temperature". The best option was the "resurrection" of the main victims of poisoning, which in the absence of material evidence of Russia's guilt in the incident can by their "weighty" testimony change the course of the whole investigation. Julia has already said her word, it's now up to her father...