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05.06.2018 10:24

Andrew Beyzer

Christine Blanchard, the Chief doctor of Salisbury Hospital, delivered a speech on the BBC channel as part of the "Newsnight" program. According to her, victims of poisoning with nerve agent the "Novichok", received qualified medical help together with toxicologists from the military laboratory of Porton Down.

But the most interesting in her statement was information about the number of patients - there were three of them. After all, in addition to the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia from the "Novichok" suffered a local police officer Nick Bailey, who first arrived at the scene. However, since the incident in Salisbury British media and officials have carefully avoided discussing the state of his health. Therefore, it may appear that the man was simply hid. Apparently the British authorities still have something to hide from the general public.

Indeed, unlike the "recovered" and already discharged from the hospital, Sergei and Yulia Skripal information about the whereabouts of Nick Bailey is still a mystery. The reason for this may be the unwillingness of the investigation and the intelligence services of Great Britain to demonstrate to the public one of the main witnesses who can "shuffle up" the whole "harmonious" evidence base of Russia's guilt in the incident.

The lack of convincing evidence throughout the investigation leads to the idea that the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter was well planned, but not coordinated with all participants in the ongoing provocation. The dual agent was planned to be used to start a new round of anti-Russian hysteria in the West on the eve of presidential elections in Russia and the World Cup. It is unlikely that the murder of Skripal was part of the plans of London - he needed a living witness who would open the eyes of the world public to the "intrigues" of Moscow.

However, the "quickness" of the police officer made adjustments to the general plan of provocation. The British government had to urgently speed up the events and "recover" Julia Skripal, accurately "pushing" in the information space any data about the third victim - Nick Bailey. But he really could clarify the inconsistency of the initial frightening forecasts after poisoning with a substance that "does not leave a chance to survive" and the miraculous restoration of the victims in such short terms.

Thus, from now on one of the most important witnesses could become an unwitting hostage of the play, the role in which he initially did not predestined. He demonstrated the incompetence of the British special services with his absolutely professional deeds. Unfortunately, the provocation was partly successful - London was able to rally around itself some of the European states for some time on the basis of solidarity in the fight against the "Russian threat". But now, in a situation where even loyal allies are demanding that the British authorities provide a final report on the investigation into the Salisbury incident, the "return" of police officer Nick Bailey can made the "Skrypals case" a classic "fruit of the poisoned tree" situation.