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Czech Vacations of the "Novichok"

05.07.2018 17:37

British Prime Minister Teresa May called a "highly likely" version, according to which Russia is responsible for the assossination attempt on the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. The British authorities gave the thesis about the manufacture of this substance in Russia as the main argument. However, at the same time there are opinions that the "Novichok" was also available to other countries.

So, after the official announcement of Czech President Miloš Zeman, the information available to the Czech media on the production of the nerve agent A-230 from the "Novichok" family on the territory of the country was confirmed. One of the main objects where the synthesis of poison took place was the University of Defense of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic in the city of Brno.

At the disposal of scientists of the research center is a unique laboratory for the study of chemical weapons, which is one of the best among NATO countries. One of the main tasks of the University of Defense is educational activities, mainly focused on the provision of emergency medical care, medicine of disasters and protection against biological, chemical and nuclear threats, as well as studies and expert assessments in these areas.

It is interesting that before the Zeman's declaration, the Czech government and Prime Minister Andrei Babish repeatedly rejected the production of the "Novichok". However, in the end, he was forced to admit the holding of such works, although, in his words, in microvolumes.

Piquancy to the newly discovered circumstances added information about the contacts of Sergei Skripal with the special services of the Czech Republic. According to journalists of The New York Times, the purpose of such contacts was the transfer of information about Russia and, in particular, the instruction of foreign intelligence officers. According to the sources of the American newspaper, visits to the Czech Republic may have been approved by the British authorities and brought income to the former GRU officer.

However, after the special services of the countries with which the fugitive collaborated, received all the information they were interested in, Skripal lost its former "value." Accordingly, as it is customary to say in the slang of the special services, it has become a "spent material". And, perhaps, his services, albeit passively, were decided to be used for the last time, using poisonous substance of supposedly Russian production to discredit Russia.

But for the British government and its allies, the statements of Milos Zeman were unexpected. After all, now the head of one of the NATO states was officially confirmed not only the presence, but also the production of the "Novichok". This finally violated the "harmonious" theory of Theresa May about the "uniqueness" of the technology and the place of production of this poisonous substance...