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Theresa May can't make up for lost time

12.07.2018 14:07

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson resigned. A week before this, the minister for "Brexit" David Davis had left his post. In their opinion, Theresa May is too hesitant in carrying out the necessary measures for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. However, the British media note that the current prime minister will try to strengthen his position, despite the acute political crisis in the country. But she will need to "build" another reason for "rallying" the nation, and Russia aspires to the main role of the "rescuer" of the political ratings of Theresa May.

The March incident with the poisoning of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, as well as the anti-Russian hysteria that erupted after him, allowed May to establish a coalition interaction in the British parliament. In addition, it was possible to restore the unity of the EU, the US and NATO, the split lines have gone to the fore. And apparently, the British government is now again trying to turn to the same manner of action.

After the residents of Amesbury Dawn Sturgess and her friend Charlie Rowley allegedly contacted the "Novichok" and were taken to the hospital on June 30, the British government described the incident as an accident. However, a little "thinking" and allegedly discovering a container contaminated by the "Novichok from Salisbury", high-ranking British politicians decided to assign responsibility for poisoning to Moscow. Thus, British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said without providing any facts about the necessary support of the British government: "The simple reality is that Russia carried out an attack on British soil, which led to the death of a British citizen. I think the world will unite with us in condemning this".

This is a typical trick for the UK government, when the build-up of fear under the influence of an external threat positively affects the pro-government moods of voters. Meanwhile, there is no concrete evidence of Moscow's involvement in the Skripals poisoning. However, this does not prevent the government of Theresa May from continuing to blame Moscow. At the same time, the "Russian factor" can turn into an instrument of inner-Party struggle within the ruling party.

In any case, the scandal surrounding the "Novichok" will be supported in every possible way and, as far as possible, inflate. He will not only help the prime minister sit in an armchair, but also distract the attention of voters from such an unpleasant moment as a clear crisis in the government due to Brexit and the associated disregard for the decisions of the nationwide referendum in 2016. While the investigation of both incidents continues, but apparently, it is unlikely to give any objective results. However, they have already played their role - Russia is exposed as a criminal, and Theresa May, in turn, is a defender of the West and its values ​​from "barbarians from the East"...