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Denmark as a key player in the militarization of the Baltic region

21.02.2019 19:22

Fearing the growing "Russian military threat in the Arctic", as well as the existing unresolved territorial claims with Russia regarding the Arctic shelf, Denmark is taking active steps to confront Moscow in the Baltic States.

Currently, NATO continues to actively build its own infrastructure in Eastern Europe. One of the key measures in this direction was a meeting in Brussels where the ministers of defense of Estonia, Latvia and Denmark signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of Headquarters Multinational Division North of NATO, whose name surprisingly coincides with the infamous SS division "Nord", acting against the Soviet army in Northern Europe. It will include soldiers from Denmark, Estonia and Latvia, which certainly meets the interests of the Kingdom, as NATO expansion to the East "provokes instability in the post-Soviet space and encourages anti-Russian sentiment."

Elements of the headquarters of the division will be opened on March 8,2019 and located in time of peace mainly in Adazi, Latvia. The tasks of the headquarters will be the planning of defense, as well as the organization and conducting of military exercises and other military activities to improve the interaction of the Alliance forces in the joint implementation of defense tasks. According to preliminary data, more than 300 soldiers will serve in the headquarters with full deployment.

However, according to the statement of the Ministry of defense of Latvia, in addition to the founding states, the activities of the Northern division will also involve armed units of other allies, and especially countries that provide military presence of allied units in the region.

According to the information mentioned above, we can conclude that the actions of the future division are exclusively defensive. However, if you look at the number and objectives of the ongoing and upcoming exercises in the region, the defensive nature of the division's actions is highly questionable. For example, a number of military exercises such as Furious Hammer, Summer Shield, XVI, 19 Swift Response, Efp est Certex kg, Jef (M) 19 Amphibex will be held in Latvia in spring and summer. These exercises will be attended by the representatives of the deployed NATO battle group from Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, group of the Alliance forces under the leadership of Canada, and the U.S. military forces.

Ahead of the creation of the division, Denmark held its annual national exercises ERRANT KNIGHT-2019 on February 4 in the Baltic region. The objectives of the exercise were: explanation of the doctrine of offensive operations and maneuvering defense, working out the issues of terrain reconnaissance, as well as the cooperation of units during tactical tasks. These exercises involved 250 soldiers of the Danish division during the development of tasks under the leadership of the brigade command of Denmark and the Baltic countries. In addition to the Danish armed forces, the 1st infantry brigade of Estonia, the motorized infantry brigade of Lithuania "Iron wolf", the Latvian motorized infantry brigade and the Danish intelligence battalion were also involved in these maneuvers.

Thus, we see that the Baltic region is undergoing active militarization by NATO countries interested in containing the Russian threat. Denmark, in particular, has a bone to pick with the Kremlin in the Arctic and participates in most of the Alliance's activities in the region. However, these actions provoke Moscow to respond in a similar manner, what in its turn aggravates the situation in the region and jeopardizes international security.