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Arctic frontiers of partnership

01.04.2019 15:54

Today, the issue of cooperation with the Russian Federation in the Arctic raises increased attention of the international community. More and more countries are making statements characterizing the Kremlin as a reliable partner in the Arctic, capable of ensuring the observance of mutually beneficial interests in the Arctic region.

In particular, Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Sereide, speaking at the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø in 2018, stressed that despite the pan-European sanctions of recent years, the Norwegian Kingdom maintains close bilateral ties with Moscow on security issues, joint search and rescue operations, as well as the promotion of environmental initiatives.

A similar position on this issue was voiced by the Minister of entrepreneurship and innovation of Sweden Mikael Damberg. The official said that Stockholm looks forward to working with Russia. At the same time, he added that the Arctic should remain a region of international dialogue and cooperation.

Indeed, the Kremlin's readiness to thoroughly develop the Northern region together with foreign countries characterizes the country as a responsible Arctic player. Thus, negotiations of the Russian and Indian diplomatic missions on the development of humanitarian, scientific and business cooperation between the two countries were held during the VIII International forum "Arctic: present and future". As a result of the meeting, the parties came to an understanding of the need to establish close working relations in order to prepare proposals and projects for mutual cooperation.

At the same time, Russia and China are preparing for the joint development of the Arctic shelf as well as navigation along the Northern sea route, which will definitely lead to a new level of relations between Moscow and Beijing in the field of energy and trade.

In addition, Russia and Belarus are working on the possibility of launching a project to develop the Arctic. For its implementation the fund "Arctic-SG" has already been created which basic platform will be the Murmansk Arctic State University. The main objectives of the organization are the development of natural resources of the Northern region, the development of technological integration and the creation of new lubricants that ensure the operation of mechanisms in difficult weather conditions.

On this background, the Nordic countries made concrete proposals for cooperation in the region. Thus, energy-efficient systems and installations based on the use of wind energy for power supply to consumers in the Arctic are being developed within the framework of Russian-Finnish cooperation. In this context, it is necessary to point out a well-coordinated work of the scientific and fisheries research institutes in Russia and Norway, as well as the continuing value of the joint experience gained in the field of Arctic water research and the prospects for increasing coordinated action.

Taking into account mentioned above, it is fair to note that many countries are interested in developing cooperation with Moscow in the Arctic in various directions. First, the energy sector is regarded as one of the main priorities of the countries ' joint work. Secondly, the use of the Northern sea route opens up new prospects for the development of interstate relations. Experts note that in the future, Russia's potential for intensive and effective international cooperation in the Arctic will only increase.