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How Much Is Color Revolution?

02.03.2007 09:52

Eugeny Zavyalov

Today, yet at all times, it is not obligatory for a state or human to have a couple of missiles or A-bomb to promote its interests worldwide, it’s enough to have several billions of US “greens” that may buy, unfortunately, practically all 6-billion population of our globe. Let the customer be generous, and - no sweat.

Currently, in the state-selling market the most generous buyer is the USA, however, in offence to others, it mainly buys old (controllable) tested goods, such as Israel (more than $450 per capita), Georgia (about $32 per capita), Egypt (about $30 per capita), Iraq ($2.5 per capita), Ukraine. Yet, there are two newcomers – Moldavia and Belarus, however, in these two countries the US succeeded in buying the opposition only.

In FY2007, the USA will spend through various channels about 32 billion Dollars on foreign countries. Of this sum, 20.9 billion Dollars will be spent under Act “On Appropriations for Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Operations” including 5 billion Dollars on military assistance (mainly to Israel and Egypt 2.3 billion Dollars and 1.3 billion Dollars respectively), and 4 billion Dollars “on development of political parties” n Russia. Remaining 16 billion Dollars will be spent on various economic and humanitarian projects.

Separately, we have to mention financing of George Bush’s initiative “Millennium Challenge Account” (MCA) totaling 1.8 billion Dollars (the Administration requested 3 billion Dollars). Under this programme an all-round assistance is rendered to the countries that perform correct political and economic reforms as the US considers. For example, Georgia is to receive under this programme about 300 million Dollars in 2006-2010, Moldavia already received about 27 million Dollars to retain corruption in the state authorities, development of the civil society and mass media. The Belarus opposition is waiting for 5 million Dollars to be granted by the American Senate to support democratic parties and processes in the Republic.

The “correct” countries are selected and appropriations are made by the Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) headed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Europe also keeps pace in the efforts to bite a piece of pie named “Global Influence”. In 2006-2010, the European Commission (EC) is radically increasing its financial assistance to Moldavia up to 254 million Euro. For instance, during 4 years the EC is planning to provide 209 million Euro to Moldavia to support the reforms and implement Moldavia-EU Action Plan. Besides, the EC proposed to the EU Council of Ministers to render financial assistance to Moldavia totaling 45 million Euro to settle the problems relating to the balance of payments. In turn, the Executive Council of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a new three-year agreement with Moldavia on soft loans totaling 118.2 million Dollars.

There is a Russian saying: “ If you dance you must pay the fiddler” therefore Americans are not ashamed to directly tie the provision of assistance with the performance of aspirant countries (recently Georgia was banned to purchase natural gas in Iran). And Americans are right! Meanwhile, when such pickiness is combined with cheeseparing , it looks funny.

For example, in FY2007 it is planned to spend on all CIS countries under the aforesaid Act 514 million Dollars, of them even 80 million Dollars on Russia (vs. 95 million Dollars on Ukraine). However, 50 of 80 million Dollars will be frozen until the US President notifies the US Congress in writing that Moscow ceased its nuclear cooperation with Iran (viz. training of personnel and “provision of technical expertise, technologies and equipment necessary for construction of a nuclear reactor and related research centers and programs as well as missile technologies”). Besides, the head of the White House should confirm to the Congress in writing that Russia “provides free access to Chechnya to international nongovernmental organizations rendering humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons”.

So, what should be the behavior of Russia in this case? We have to remind that according to the law prostitution procurement is a criminal offence in our country…