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Technology of Fraud – Particular Case or General Practice

06.07.2007 13:04

Gleb Zheglov

On July 5 British Broadcasting Corporation, usually self-restraint news agency that positions itself as impartial ("Information and nothing but information"), reported the news that was apparently designed to become a sensation : "A Soviet prison-grave was found in Afghanistan!"

It is well-known that a staring title is a half of success. But it is not enough to the authors of the publication in the Russian page of the BBC web site, they continue scare their readers with dreadful details: "An underground prison is found in the territory of a former Soviet base northward of Kabul where hundreds of prisoners were buried. Kabul police chief General Ali Shah Paktiwal said to BBC that human remains were found in 15 rooms. Many of the bodies were blindfolded with their hands tied. "Most probably, the prisoners were buried alive. We found almost hundred bodies but a final number will be probably higher", the top-ranking official claimed. The prison was build during the soviet occupation in the 80-s. Its location was indicated by a driver who worked in the Soviet base".

These allegations are followed with a reminder that is mandatory for the Western even the most impartial press: "The Soviet Union introduced its troops in Afghanistan in 1979 in order to save the local pro-communist rule from overthrow.

The country became a main arena of armed confrontation between the West and East. According to certain estimates, the casualties of the Afghan side amounted to 1 million people killed or dead of the country population totaling 13 million (at the same time nobody specifies who killed the peaceful people. Aren?t they those who were nursed for a long time by the West to finally get September 11, 2001?)

Every normal human will think: "the beasts", "the monsters". It is hard to object. Meanwhile, "Plato is my friend ? but my greatest friend is truth". Besides "the devil is in the detail".

It is known that the gropers after truth try to refer to the primary source, that is, to the original BBC news (in English). So, immediately the first questions arise. The English version is also dramatic. But it is not so dramatic unlike the information for the readers who speak only Russian.

The English publication is titled: "Afghan Prison Bodies Discovered". (Feel the difference!) Further, the references to "Soviet" and "Russian" are made only as references to the time period. The authors are surprised somehow with no response of Russian officials to the grave news, and emphatically note that this is not the first such discovery. In 2006, the brave and fair NATO savers of the Afghan people allegedly found similar graves. So, it is not an accident but practice.

Those who plotted this sensation apparently believed as schoolies that the most dangerous lie is a slightly distorted truth. Therefore they indicate many real details. We continue our "journalist investigation" and see that the prison is located in the outskirts of Kabul (it means in the city).

As quoted to the authors, Russians left Afghanistan in 1989 (absolutely correct), so according to very simple calculations almost 20 years passed since that time. The former military barracks remained inside the city for 20 years, and nobody cared what is there.

Those who know the Orient and oriental people will definitely say: "Pipe dream!" And they will be absolutely right. In the given case, the readers are offered to believe that a former driver who worked for "shuravi" has shown the grave to the local Pinkertons. An amusing detail is that this man is 70 years old , and he (what a luck!) only recently returned to the country. Returned, recollected the graves and indicated them to the blind men. It looks like that after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops there was no multiyear rule of the extremist Taliban that fiercely hated everything that was associated with Russians, and that definitely would be pleased to use a chance to add fuel to the fire of "jihad".

However, it is enough. The essence of the event is clear. Somebody wants to provoke a scandal and detract public attention from the real events. Who does it? Actually, the answer is simple. Those who shout louder that others: "Stop thief! Soho!" That is, the real criminals.

Not far to seek the evidence. See the sequence of events.

BBC (UK), April 15: "An independent commission on human rights in Afghanistan issued a report on the events in Province Nangarhar (east of the country) on March 4 when at least 12 peaceful people were killed and 35 were wounded due to the use of "excessive force" by US mariners who were involved in the incident and grossly violated international humanitarian laws. Major General Frank Kearney, Commander, Special Operations Command - US Central Command, said in his interview to The Washington Post that investigators appointed by him found no evidence of any armed attack on the mariners and any connection of the Afghan victims with combatants. As quoted to the top-ranking American official, "statements of the mariners on the incident are in conflict with the evidence of the locals". According to the mass media, the effective investigation may be obstructed because the mariners destroyed all available video and photo documents of the incident in Nangarhar".

BBC (UK) June 24: "The NATO Command in Afghanistan recognized that the troops should be more careful in the conduct of military operations to avoid peaceful victims. An official of the Alliance made this statement after the NATO troops were severely criticized by President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai who blamed the foreign troops for the death of about 90 peaceful people in the last days. In response to the statement of the Afghan leader NATO spokesman Nick Lunt said that the indignation is justified. "But unlike the Taliban combatants we were not going to kill peaceful people, and it is a substantial difference", Associated Pressed reports as quoted to Lunt (forgetful persons are requested to refer to the publication dated April 15 ? a word spoken is fast recalling).

Radio Liberty (USA), July 4: "The US Department of Defense is doubtful that the data on numerous peaceful Afghan victims due to the NATO fire are true. It was stated by American General Perry Wiggins in Washington. He noted that the independent data collected in certain regions cannot be true because bodies have not been found. In July international humanitarian organizations claimed that from early 2007 230 peaceful people were killed during operations of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan".

There is no sense to continue the quoting. "The exposers" exposed themselves. Having learnt one lesson of notorious "Reich tongue" fascist Germany Minister of Propaganda Dr. Joseph Goebbels who said that "the bigger the lie, the more they?ll believe it", the British "independent knights of pen and office computer" just forgot about another lesson. "Propaganda loses its power as soon as it becomes visible", said the ideologist of racism, violence and invasive wars who was one of the main Nazi criminals at the Nurnberg Process. A compatriot of the authors of the "sensation" ? outstanding English scientist-humanist Francis Bacon (1561-1626) wrote: "The lie exposes poor soul, helpless mind and vicious nature".