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Peacekeeping on Dniester Banks – No Need to Destroy Machine That Works Well

05.12.2007 13:23

According to the official web site of the Community "For Democracy and Rights of Nations", Colonel Anatoly Zverev, Commander, Russian Peacekeeping Force in Transdniestria, claimed that no transformation of the current peacekeeping mission in Transdniestria into an OSCE multinational civil mission, and no establishment of a US mission for supervision over the current peacekeeping force in the zone of security are possible without dissolution of Agreement ?On Fundamentals of Peacekeeping in Transdniestria? signed by the Presidents of Russia and Moldova on July 21, 1992.

Addressing the Madrid Meeting of OSCE Foreign Ministers, Moldavian Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Andrey Stratan once again expresses the wish of Kishinev to transform the current peacekeeping mission into an OSCE multinational civil mission and welcomed a proposal of the USA to establish a peacekeeping operation supervisory mission.

These statements gave rise to amusement in the Peacekeeping Force HQ: ?I see no expediency in these statements, Anatoly Zverev said. What for is it necessary to destroy the machine that works well??

There is no mechanism for changing the current peacekeeping operation format. In accordance with the Agreement dd July 22, 1992 the peacekeeping mission is to function until complete political settlement of the conflict.

Change of the operation format and moreover transformation of the military mission into a civil one before complete settlement of the conflict may result in dissolution of the Agreement - 1992 and return of Moldova and Transdniestria in the state of war.

The Commander of the Russian Peacekeeping Force noted that those who advocate change of the current peacekeeping operation format do not indicate what guarantees of keeping peace in the region will exist after such change.

Anatoly Zverev emphasized that there is no connection between the conduct of the peacekeeping operation and the process of settling the Moldavian-Transdniestrian differences.

"The mission of the peacekeepers is to stop the military conflict, separate the conflicting sides and maintain peace in Transdniestria. It facilitates the political settlement. The peacekeepers fulfill their mission successfully; therefore politicians have all opportunities to settle political problems amicably. It is not the peacekeepers? fault that politicians do their job bad?, Anatoly Zverev said.

The question on the presence of the Russian troops in the region was submitted for a referendum in Transdniestria in March 1995. More than 90 per cent of people supported the Russian military presence. However, pursuant to the Odessa agreements the Russian Peacekeeping Force was reduced from 2500 down to 500 men.