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Stinking Corpse

14.01.2008 12:09


In his interview to the Washington Post Head of Pentagon Robert Gates declared: “The world does not any longer consist of blocks. Now we live in the multipolar world”. In this connection we may be hardly doubtful that Mr. Gates forgot about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization led by the USA. And if it is so then what is this Alliance today? The answer stems from the date of its establishment and its initial designation, as well as from its records after the Cold War.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established on April 4, 1949 by signing the Washington Treaty. Initially it consisted of twelve nations. The alliance was declared a defensive block but its aggressive policy against the USSR and other unwanted regimes in Europe, and efforts to establish American world supremacy were evident. Its first Secretary General J. Luns frankly explained its goals: “NATO is necessary to keep America in Europe, Russia out of Europe, and Germany under Europe”.

NATO is a child and attendant of the Cold War that ended in the late 80s – early 90s of the last century due to the deep political transformations in the majority of socialist countries, liquidation of the Warsaw Treaty and subsequent collapse of the USSR. The United States widely celebrated this event. By the tenth anniversary of the victory in the Cold War this country instituted a special medal and other awards for the veterans of this war.

It seemed that after the Cold War the block mentality should have vanished, and NATO - disestablished. Not at all. NATO as a creature of the Cold War did not disintegrate but became (if America does not recognize it as a block) a stinking corpse that is used for the same purpose as of the date of its birth to poison the international relations.

The nature of NATO that is still led by the USA did not change but became more aggressive in certain aspects when the matter relates to the USA. Pursuing the offensive policy the Alliance lately several times demonstrated its “Atlantic power” confirmed by large-scale military operations in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq. The area of influence and “vital interests” of the Alliance actually cover the whole world, and the opinion of the United Nations and the international law today fail to be a restraining factor for decision-making on its military operations.

Currently the Alliance consists of 26 nations. It surpasses, say, Russia 5-fold by population, 3-fold by the strength of the armed forces, and more than 30-fold by defense expenditures. NATO has nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and their delivery vehicles, more than 25 thousand tanks, 14.5 thousand military aircraft, approximately 700 warships including 19 aircraft carriers and 173 submarines. Against what enemy have they built this power? Earlier it was the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of the USSR, anything hardly changed, may be just a name of the country. According to the mass media, 85 per cent of activities arranged by the NATO Supreme Command in Europe relate to the conduct of offensive operations, gaining air and sea superiority, neutralization of enemy military and political potential and capitulation enforcement. Surely, in this particular case the enemy is not Al Qaeda. Recently a new component became notable in the NATO activities – provision of stable power supplies to the alliance member-states. The analysis of geostrategic changes shows that membership in NATO of the Central and East European countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Rumania, Slovenia and Slovakia) and Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) aggravated misbalance of forces in Europe, enhanced operational capabilities of the Alliance within the wide sector from the Baltic Sea to Black Sea, provided for envelopment of the Russian North-Western Region by the NATO infrastructure and ensured broader opportunities for the NATO Navy practically within the entire Baltic Sea area. Roundup of the Kaliningrad Region by Poland and Lithuania, NATO member-states, constitutes a hazard of isolation of the region and Baltic Fleet from the mainland of the Russian Federation.

After the upgrade of Air Base Emary in Estonia various types of NATO aircraft may actually operate from this airfield located at a distance of 300 km from St.-Petersburg. Latvia plans to build an additional runway in Airport Riga for NATO aircraft and establish a NATO naval base in Liepaya. Lithuania actually has two NATO bases: an air base in Zoknyae and army base in Rukle (near Kaunas). The Baltic countries provided their territory for rather powerful radars that monitor the territory of Russia to a depth of up to 600 km.

The alliance leadership makes efforts to expedite integration of national AD systems of the East European countries and regional airspace control system of the Baltic countries into the Unified NATO AD Command in Europe. From 2008, the Ukrainian Armed Forces plan to start exchanging airspace monitoring data with NATO. As soon as this process is accomplished, the Alliance will have a continuous radar field at medium and high altitudes within a vast area embracing besides the aforesaid states the border territories of Belorussia and Russia as well as Baltic and Black Sea areas.

Plans of the United States to deploy its ABM systems in Poland, Czechia, Norway and Great Britain not only pose a real threat to the Strategic Arms regional balance (the range of ground-based interceptors to be deployed in Europe covers practically entire European territory of Russia) but in prospect may provoke inadvertent firing of Russian ICBMs in response to false qualification of GBI launch. But it does not embarrass the NATO leadership, and it fully supports the American project of the Third ABM System Deployment Area in Europe.

Today, the Alliance expresses “deep disappointment” with the suspension of Russian participation in the CFE Treaty. Meanwhile, none of the NATO countries ratified the adapted CFE Treaty signed in 1999 and started implementing it. The Alliance in general exploited the situation to gain only unilateral military benefits. Say, the Baltic countries and Slovenia did not join the Treaty at all. Thus, the Alliance is in position to deploy and enhance any its force in their territories avoiding the provisions of the Treaty. Therefore, it is not incidentally that currently the territory of the Baltic countries is actively used for construction of the required infrastructure. A special attention is paid to enhancement of the airfield operating rate, deployment of reconnaissance centers and construction of facilities to receive NATO troops (ports, storages, etc.)

The trend to increase of the NATO military and political potential is observable today almost in all spheres. A focus is placed on implementation of a new technical upgrade programme, increase of combat capabilities and mobility of national contingents of the European member-state armed forces to be transferred under the NATO command. For this purpose the Alliance launched the NATO’s Defense Capabilities Initiative that specifies commitments of the NATO member-states to upgrade their armed forces and procure up-to-date weapons.

The United States still maniacally strive for expansion of the NATO area of influence at the expense of the former Soviet republics. The US Congress approved a special bill on financial support of Ukraine and Georgia membership in NATO. In so doing, the US insists on the Georgian membership in the Alliance not tarrying for fulfillment of the preliminary conditions and tolerating (in violation of the NATO Charter) the unsettled regional conflicts in its territory (Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia).

The NATO expansion advocates express unexplainable surprise when Russia protests against the movement of the powerful alliance eastwards and its efforts to bring its infrastructure to the Russian borders. In this context the Alliance officials even claim that the expected integration of the Ukraine into NATO meets the interests of Russia rather than pose any threat to it. How about that! George Katsirdakis, Head of the Defense Partnership and Cooperation Directorate of NATO's Defense Planning and Operations Division, told it at a recent TV bridge Kiev-Brussels. In so doing, he was rather hypocritical to remind that recent admission of the Baltic countries to the Alliance did not affected the security of Russia therefore no need to worry.

In general, presence of the North Atlantic military and political alliance (NATO) in Europe, apparent trend to increase of its military potential, expansion of its area of influence, development of the military infrastructure in the Baltic countries, Poland, Rumania and Bulgaria in favor of NATO poses potential threat to Russia within the western strategic lines. Under certain conditions this potential threat may become actual one. It is evidently. And this threat is generated from the side of NATO by the US military force in Europe as a component of the Alliance. This threat is aggravated by the policy of double standards pursued with respect to Russia by certain US and NATO politicians who still suffer phobias of the Cold War and hear overtones of the political past considering our country as a potential enemy and making efforts to disintegrate the CIS and then Russia. They are stinking remains of the Cold War in the shape of military alliance NATO that even today still “keeps America in Europe, Russian out of Europe and Germany under Europe”.

As for the “partnership” relations between NATO and Russia, still “it is a one-way traffic street where the Alliance led by the USA actively and persistently implements the plans of its military enhancement, takes strategically advantageous bridgeheads with respect to Russia, isolates it from its allies, generates a chain of hostile countries along its perimeter and covers our ICBM potential with a powerful ABM shield”, as quoted to Colonel-General L. Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

There is also another threat posed by the stinking corpse of the Cold War: information attack to the mind and heart of the people. The western mass media successively and systematically stirs up already forgotten war hysteria and speaks for the need of further enhancement of the NATO military capabilities. Earlier it was justified by a mythological threat posed by the rogue states, and war on terror. Today, the people are expressly frightened with an increasing military power of Russia.

The statement of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in this chorus of “psychological warfare” warriors about absence of the military and political blocks in the world, tops the pyramid of empty rhetoric, falsehood and glazing of the actual situation, plans and intentions of Washington with respect to the Alliance as an instrument of solution by force of global political problems in any region of the planet, against any country in favor of the USA in the prejudice of the security of Russia.

It means that Russia has to and must keep powder dry to be ready to respond adequately to any underhand plotting of the Cold War stinking corpse.
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