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Vladimir Putin: “Russia needs a new security strategy based on the threats”

08.02.2008 15:16

President Vladimir Putin addressing an expanded State Council session with agenda ?On Development Strategy of Russia up to 2020? in Moscow on February 8 said that Russia should not afford to be entangled in a new arms race depleting its economy and resources. ?God blessed us with natural resources. In this situation we have to progressively encounter the recurrences of the deterrence policy but they are frequently based on the efforts to foist unfair competition on us and provide themselves with an access to our resources?. .

According to the President, in these conditions ?it is important to retain solid assessments and keep self-possession to avoid being entangled in a depleting confrontation?.

Referring to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty), Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia sees no real steps of its Western partners towards a compromise on the CFE Treaty.

"We see no real steps towards a compromise. We are actually forced to respond. We are forced to take respective decisions?, The President said.

"We comply with all international arrangements including those in the sphere of security, as well as international agreements including the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe? , Putin said and noted that Russia during decades exactly fulfills the international obligations.

"Our partners - members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization failed to ratify certain documents and do not comply with them but demand that we unilaterally comply with them in future. NATO itself expands and deploys its military infrastructure closer to our borders? We closed up our bases in Cuba and Vietnam, so what have we received? New American bases in Rumania and Bulgaria, new ABM deployment area in Poland? They try to convince us that these steps are not targeted against Russia, but our concerns are fully justified?, the Head of State claimed.

Vladimir Putin believes that Russia needs a new security strategy based on the treats: ?We need a new armed forces development strategy up to 2020 to promote our national security?.

Besides, the President noted that we need to develop new types of weapons based on high technologies, but in so doing ?the expenditures should be adequate?, the prestige of the military service should be promoted, and the money allowance of servicemen should be increased (RIA Novosti).