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Saakashvili Should Stop Provocations and Provide for Conduct of Fair Parliamentary

19.05.2008 15:12

Professor Vladimir Khomeriki
"Solidarity of Russian and Georgian Peoples" Fund

The "Solidarity of Russian and Georgian Peoples" Fund and many Russian Georgians demand from Saakashvili to stop provocations against Russia and provide for fair and just parliamentary election in Georgia.

Non-stop provocations aimed at escalation of the Russian-Georgian relations cause irreparable harm to the good history of relations between our nations and do not serve the true economic, social, spiritual and cultural interests of the Georgian people.

It's high time to stop political jiggery-pokery aggravating the life of the Georgian people and concealing the bungling and anti-Georgian governance of the ruling regime in the country. It's high time to stop cheating our nation and public opinion under the cover of pseudo-patriotic slogans, and passing off the militarist policy as peaceful and democratic.

The Georgian people have understood already that the policy of Saakashvili and its puppet regime is extremely harmful to Georgia and Georgian nation. Such policy of blindly servicing the interests of the USA leads Georgia to collapse and devolution of the proud Georgian nation, makes the country a hostage of American gendarme's imperial ambitions, and petty cash in the game of large powers, and may entail only suffering, loss of independence, territory and statehood as well as miserable future of Georgia.

Saakashvili understands the consequences of his political game well enough, but his treason and paranoiac ambitions do not let him abandon the policy leading Georgia to the national tragedy.

It's high time to stop cheating our nation and deprive it of its right to fairly elect worthy Georgian rulers capable of determining and protecting the interests of Georgia and its people, to elect rulers capable of returning the country to the democratic development way and restoring territorial integrity of the country.

Fortunately for Georgia, the people got the measure of the sneaky regime and rose to defend their Motherland and future of the nation. The slogan of all oppositional parties: "Georgia without Saakashvili!" reflects the future of the nation, aspirations to independence of the country and prosperity of the Georgian people.

The current events as well as developments during the presidential election of 2008 and earlier during municipal election in Georgia in 2006 are the inks of the same chain leading to deception of the Georgian people, escalation of fear and creation of conditions facilitating the stealing of election in favor of the ruling power and tyranny.

It is no need to be a great analyst to see that all these campaigns started with provocations with respect to Russia in order to generate a situation of psychosis and create conditions when it was impossible to conduct fair election campaigns, and rulers were in position to easily manipulate with its administrative resource associated with bribery and deception of voters, horrification, arrests and slander of opponents, and totally steal the elections.

The consequences of such actions taken by the current anti-Georgian regime are quite logical - evident aggravation of relations with Russia entailing the tightening of economic sanctions imposed on Georgia that obviously led to deterioration of the living conditions in Georgia, threat of a civil war, escalation of internal terror, postponement of territorial problem solution, and respectively degradation of the national economy. In so doing the aforesaid actions became more and more tough, brutal and harmful to the Georgian people. In the first case they resulted in economic sanctions deteriorating the life of the Georgian people, and assumption of power by Saakashvili's associates at the municipal level.

The presidential election campaign started with a massacre of the Georgian people and continued in massive and gross fabrication of election results that brought to power a virtual president lacking the confidence of the people. The parliamentary election campaign may actually lead to a civil war and if it is not a war with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, it will be quite possible that after a new stealing of election the patience of the people may be so exhausted that it may result in acts of civil disobedience and unpredictable reaction of M. Saakashvili taking into consideration his ability not to stick at bloodshed, in civil war and even in partial loss of territory and collapse of the Georgian nation.

Therefore we urge the Georgian authorities to be very responsible in the conduct of the election campaign and head count. We also urge the opposition to be responsible either, and express our hope that the opposition will win in the fair struggle, and in case of violations or falsifications will do all its best to avoid escalation of its protest actions into armed clashes and bloodshed.

We urge Russia to remain unprovoked and with dignity continue its peacekeeping duty providing for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and security of the Abkhaz and Ossetian peoples of Georgia. We hope that the Russian leadership will be patient enough and after the parliamentary election in Georgia. After the opposition victory it will be possible to restore confidence and conduct negotiations on all problems relating to the Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-Ossetian contradictions as well as to restore good-neighborly relations between our states.

Georgia has a strong and sound opposition, which should come in power legitimately and peacefully, which will be accountable to its nation and capable of taking all measures to solve the territorial problems as soon as possible, restore relations with Russia, rehabilitate the economy and improve the life of the Georgian peoples.