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Who Needs Such “Democracy”?

Part 1. Democratic Illusions

25.08.2008 12:41

Yuri Cherepakhin, Donetsk

If you don’t want the democracy that is imposed on you, and you are murdered for it – is it the democracy or already not?.. Thus question is far from being rhetoric or otiose .

How many people in the world should be killed additionally by the American hawks and their strategic partners so that the ideas of democracy would triumph the world over? Let us specify – the ideas of THEIR democracy, democracy in THEIR vision and as THEY understand it..

When politicians in our Ukraine started speaking about “democratic reforms” (versus “post-Soviet authoritarianism”) I saw that they had just picked up a nifty and started MILKING IT. Their true motivation was absolutely different - the career, power, money, prosperity of their financial and business clans. But our people are too trustful…

A massive financial assistance from overseas is also a very important factor for these new politicians - both parties have common interests! The overseas party needs a bridgehead for further offensive in the region, the domestic party needs political promotion. Thus, the ideas of democracy became not only nifty but also a well-paid business! Moreover, they became a kind of pass-ticket to various Western social and financial communities. There are lots of pros! (for the elite) And there is one contra but very significant (for the people): the ideas of Western democracy contain almost no real democracy if the democracy is understood as a true government by the people and true individual liberty. The product rotted long ago!

If earlier the ideas of democracy actually promoted the development of society liberating it from the monarchy despotism, today as represented they have become extremely reactionary not only hampering in the development of the society but even challenging the existence of the mankind and provoking its self-annihilation. And we will prove it.

Democratic Illusions

There are more than enough analytical materials about the Western democracies that disclose their key conflicts. But they are not accessible to everybody and often difficult for perception. In this article we will try to deliver their key ideas.

First. Election to supreme governing institutions on the multi-party basis is considered one of the main Western democracy mechanisms. The people elect their rulers from various parties, and it creates an illusion of government by the people. But only few people ask themselves: how were these parties established and who funds these parties? Do they actually realize aspirations of the people or do they have other functions? Are they interested in the harmonious development of society or are they interested in something different? It is obvious that the true government by the people may be implemented only within a system that facilitates access to the political Olympus only for WORTHY MEN in terms of their intellectual and moral qualities.

Generally speaking, the people do not care HOW the given leader found himself in the governing institution, it is more important – WHAT IS HE? Does he regard himself as a servant of the people or as their master, does he see key conflicts in the society and makes efforts to resolve them or does he think about his pocket only, does he work nice or does he just speak nice, etc.?

But we see that the Western form of the political life and political struggle carries up not worthy and wise persons but foxy and impudent ones. We see that the way to the top echelons for a shining showman is much easier than for a serious-minded and prudent person. There are exceptions but they are rare.

If we look into this problem we may see that the degree of people’s involvement in the life of the state is determined the MORAL CLIMATE in the society and level of people’s spiritual culture rather than any external mechanisms of the political life.

But if we look at the West at this angle, we will see that a loco in these systems is MONEY , high carrier, successful business but not spiritual and moral determinants. Let’s not forget that the West worships the liberties that make money rather than the liberties that facilitate development of human spiritual and creative potential.

Obsession of the West with the material values is a well-know fact. But such guide not only fails to provide the human-being with additional liberties but it strips him of them making a human-being a slave of his wild instincts, or in other words – making him the Customer, rather than the Creator that evidently affects the quality of life of the entire society. The West does not like to discus this theme, because it always prefers to show a face of building. However poor knowledge of a complete spectrum of problems does not makes us free of them but just misleads us.

We should make a few remarks about “the free press”. It is clear that the most important thing is the quality of publications rather than the number of newspapers, etc. But as we see the level of democracy is evaluated very often only by the quantitative parameters. In so doing nobody cares what is the impact of mass media on the general cultural and intellectual level of the population, or do the media outlets disseminate constructive or destructive ideas?

There is no need to add that the key media outlets in the West are owned by tycoons who have their own vision WHAT should be promoted by their news agencies, HOW and at what angle they should do it. Therefore we see lots of cunning and efforts to conceal serious problems here too.

There is also a more generic problem - the carriers of the Western democracy release not only the spirit of true liberty but also the spirit of permissiveness that may easily cross out the general positive effect of the new lifestyles.

On this basis we come to a conclusion that “not everything is good in the Danish Kingdom”.…

Second. Many people forget that the Western society has been creating and adjusting its democratic institutions for centuries. It was not a “revolutionary jump-over” but a gradual complicated and not always consistent process. And if this model is imposed on the society that lacks these traditions, we may make a lot of blunders! We see it by the example of certain former Socialist countries.

As a matter of fact such “accelerated implementation” ALWAYS makes significant, often painful and unjustified corrections in the accustomed lifestyles of the people breaking their mentality, cultural and spiritual traditions.

Therefore it is very dangerous to idealize the mechanism of Western democracy forgetting about its internal problems and sensitive approach to its implementation in the particular historical and cultural environment. Idealizing the form we often forget about the content. Slogans “Only Democracy Will Save Us! To Democracy by Any Way!” is absurd in its essence, but these very slogans are used by the leaders of “new democracies”.

Today many people already see that such “democratic assault” not only fails to change the life to the better but ruins the normal life of the society at all. Such a good democracy…

People forget or just do not want to understand that all mechanisms of the Western democracy – a multi-party concept, free press, free business, free social organizations, etc. – are not valuable as such but in combination with the COMMON SENSE – with the norms, which connect these mechanisms with the real life, with numerous traditions of the given ethnos or society. But if somebody idealizes the mechanism itself and never cares about the efficiency of its work, if somebody sees only idea but revert the eyes from the outcome, it results in an awful tragedy. And we will prove it too.

Third. Our time features exacerbation of ideological struggle between main cultures of the world, between its main civilizations. And in this case it becomes evident that the today’s appeals for democracy are in fact the efforts to support the aggressive policy pursued by the United States, country, which under the slogans of democracy foments a world-wide conflict trying conquer the rest of intractable countries if not with the ideology then with the money, if not with the money then with the bombs.

Two notions, “the democracy” and “the US aggression”, already have become synonyms. That is why the traditional rhetoric of democrats today looks like “sorcery against the intractable” rather than a call for rational and peaceful life. The democracy degraded to its antipode, to a nice-looking poster camouflaging the real despotism.
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