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The virus of mass brawling spreads in the Georgian army

17.11.2005 13:34

Recently 12 Georgian servicemen were taken to hospital after a drunken brawl among servicemen of the 4th army brigade stationed in the capital. The premises of the barracks where the fight took place will need repairs now, said Shalva Tadumadze, military lawyer of non-governmental association "Right and Freedom".

The Georgian ministry of defense has refused to comment on the accident. Remarkably, said Tadumadze, "several hundred soldiers took part in the fight which took place on November 15".

A source has reported that the fight began after a quarrel had flared up among servicemen, noting that situated next to the 4th brigade is the headquarters of the military police attached to the ministry of defense, but even that department could not stop the brawlers.

Shalva Tadumadze said that a similar mass brawl had taken place earlier in the 3rd tank brigade in Gori, after which part of the personnel of the 3rd brigade were transferred to the 4th brigade. The lawyer did not rule out a connection between the two incidents.

Earlier the 4th brigade was part of the interior troops of the Georgian ministry of the interior, but later the interior troops had been placed under the command of the defense ministry.