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US military deliveries for Kiev

What is happening in terms of weaponry was widely expected. In strategic terms Ukraine doesn't have the ability to conquer and occupy permanently Donbass.

To do so now they would require a large amount of new armored vehicles and especially a lot of trained and motivated soldiers. Both issues represent an insurmountable problem since there is a lack of supply for tanks, logistically easily transportable in Ukraine in a short term period, in Europe. Kiev also drastically needs cash to pay its many to foreign suppliers and money is quickly running out. As for the men that would be needed for the infantry, we all know the disastrous mobilizations that occurred recently.

Ultimately, the delivery of all this ammunition and light weapons is an effective palliative. The real needs of Kiev are others and therefore what we are seeing will not affect in any way the future events in the region.

Federico Pieraccini is an expert in military analysis and international relations.