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Abkhazia is Being Prepared for Diversions of Georgia

20.07.2012 10:08

In the Gali district of Abkhazia, a special staff for response to Georgia's diversions was established. At a press conference Abkhazia's President Alexander Ankvab said the staff was headed by chief of the regional office of the state security service, and it also includes heads of the local office of the interior department, the district public prosecutor, representatives of the republic customs committee.

Besides, according to Ankvab, due to the difficult situation in the Gali district, a center for special purposes is permanently stationed there, whose strength will increase.

"This is a combat-ready, trained, well-organized and powerful unit that will be ready to respond to many challenges from the Georgian side," said Ankvab. - "The situation in the Gali region has always been difficult. Of course, our neighbors behind Inguri try to do everything that it is bad there again. All the attacks committed at the border area were planned, nothing happened accidentally. This is a campaign of intimidation so that the power and people fear. Our retaliation measures are adequate. We have implemented for a few days preventive measures in the Gali district, and they are of benefit."

Simultaneously the law enforcement structures of the district take preventive measures to combat criminals. "Even last year we started work to eliminate effects associated with extortion, agricultural products racket, in particular nut, and we would stop this kind of facts very firmly," said the president.

As for the state border arrangement, it will be completed by the end of the year. "The border will be protected by technical, electronic and other means of surveillance, and border guards. We have identified several points of passage along the entire border, especially in the lower section where the border patrol units and customs officers will be located to control the citizens passing across the border at a stated time. All those who will be detained while attempting to cross the border in other places, are legally considered the state border violators, and administrative sanctions can be justifiably applied to them," said the president.

At the same time, he said, the facts of "soulless bureaucratic attitude to people who live in the Gali district but have relatives on the Georgian side and want to communicate with them" are unacceptable. Alexander Ankvab said that it was decided that passes and permits will be issued by heads of village administrations according to the corresponding accountable forms," said Ankvab.