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The U.S. is Rearming Georgia

13.08.2012 09:07

The U.S. began to render assistance to Georgia in technical reequipment of its armed forces. President Mikhail Saakashvili said this on a visit to the health care center in Tbilisi with U.S. Senator Richard Lugar.

Saakashvili called Lugar an active supporter of the acceptance by U.S. Congress of "the resolution, thanks to the implementation of which Georgia now receives assistance in technical reequipment of the armed forces." Georgian leader said: "With the assistance of the U.S. we have started the armed forces modernization program; it is very important and historic deal for us."

On June 5, on a visit to Georgia, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assured that Washington "will continue to assist in ensuring the protection of land and sea borders, strengthening security, combating smuggling and illicit traffic in the Black Sea, as well as will assist in technical reequipment of the country's armed forces." On June 6, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council, Batu Kutelia, said this modernization program "is designed for many years, but the first steps in this direction will be made in the coming months."

Recall that in the fourth anniversary of the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, new details have emerged regarding "the five-day war". In particular, V.Putin said that Russia acted in August according to the plan that was prepared several years before the Georgian aggression. These statements have caused a wave of criticism from the Georgian leadership.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin's statements relating to this subject have made the official Tbilisi throw a temper tantrum. Such a reaction once again eloquently confirms that it has not resigned to the failure of August's criminal venture and continues to nurture plans of revenge against the long-suffering peoples of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. These designs are not destined to be realized, so it is better for the revanchists to calm down." the statement says posted on the website of the Russian MFA.